120-year-old show medal

50 Feb 4 1969 Medal SM Farm

Mr John Barron, of Fairview farm, Knocknagulliagh Whitehead, has in his possession a show medal which is over 120 years old.

According to the inscription it was awarded to one of his forefathers for a two-year-old heifer exhibited at a show organised in 1846 by the “Carrickfergus and Kilroot Agricultural Society”.

It is in perfect condition and was engraved by I Parks.

The other side of the medal depicts a cow, a sheep, a pig, a plough and wheat sheaf with a farmhouse in the background.

It is understood that this Society was the forerunner of the present Kilroot (one ‘l’ only) Agricultural Society which, for over 60 years has been running a very successful annual ploughing match.


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