1,500 ways of serving your eggs!

50 Feb 11 1969 Eggs SM Farm

A book of egg cookery – with 1,500 ways of serving eggs and an illustration for every dish – was launched with a reception and lunch at Queen’s University last week.

The book is sponsored by the British Egg Marketing Board and vice-chairman of the publicity committee of the Board, Mrs Mary Robinson, welcomed the guests including Dr G Chambers, general manager of the Milk Marketing Board, and Miss A Beggs, representing Mr H S Oliver of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The delicious lunch was composed of recipes from the book – Consomme Royale, Fish Layer Pie with Broccoli Polanaise and Jacket Potato, and Chou String.

The book is not available in bookshops but may be bought directly from M S Mailing Service, Norman Road, Thurmaston, Leicester, at a cost of 12 shillings plus 2s 6d postage.

Miss Rosalind Bicknell of the British Egg Information Service told guests that 4,400,000 boxes of eggs were produced in Northern Ireland last year. This represented an increase of 1,094,000 on the 1963 figure.

She thought that leaflets on egg cookery had played a great part in the increasing consumption of eggs from 228 per head in 1957 to something like 270 last year.

Here is one of the recipes from the book. It’s for Banana and Chicken Souffle Omelette.

For the filling – eight ounces cooked chicken; four bananas; one ounce butter.

For the souffle omelette mixture – eight eggs; two tablespoons water; one ounce butter.

Mince the chicken. Slice bananas and cook in butter until soft, adding the minced chicken with salt and pepper and heating thoroughly.

Make the souffle omelette mixture by separating the eggs and whisking the whites until soft. Whisk yolks with cold water until pale and creamy and fold in the whites. Divide the mixture in four to make four omelettes.

When the omelettes are made put in the filling, fold over and serve immediately.

You can vary this dish by using minced cooked meat, moistened with tomato or curry sauce or a milk smooth chutney.

Omit the banana and the dish is ideal for invalids and slimmers provided a non-stick pan is used so no butter is needed.


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