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21 goats rescued after RSPCA and Council build hay bale stairway

TWENTY-ONE wild goats have been rescued in an RSPCA Cymru-led operation – after they ventured onto a treacherous outcrop on the Great Orme in North Wales.

Officers from the animal welfare charity were contacted after the stranded goats were spotted on the unstable rocks near the sea, in an area known locally as Austin’s Rock.

The animals became stranded after two female goats came into ‘season’ – and were pursued by 18 Billy goats off of safe land and towards the rocks near the sea. One kid goat was also stranded.

RSPCA Cymru feared they were at severe risk from high tides at the next full moon, or from starvation due to a lack of grazing and food supply.

The charity teamed-up with Conwy County Borough Council to come to the aid of the goats, with an “innovative rescue plan” put together which involved creating a path of hay bales for the goats to climb back to safety – with funding provided jointly by the RSPCA and the local authority.

RSPCA inspectors Mike Pugh and Mark Roberts laid the path of bales and thankfully, all 21 stranded goats have now walked back to safety using the hay bales.

The famous Great Orme goat population has roamed wild in the local area for more than a century, and were originally a gift from Queen Victoria, who also as Monarch granted the RSPCA its ‘Royal’ patronage in 1840. It is understood Lord Mostyn acquired a pair of goats from the Royal Herd and brought them to the Llandudno area; and the population grew steadily since.



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