Working Hunter Series underway at Ardnacashel

Ardnacashel WH BR Farm
PLACED: Mia Angel and ‘Blondie’ was placed in both the 70cm and 80cm pony classes at the opening date of Ardnacashel’s Working Hunter Series. (FW40-535NN)

SATURDAY, October 22 was the opening date of Ardnacashel’s Working Hunter series and neither the course nor the competitors disappointed. The course was designed by Cathal Lynch and built by the fabulous team at Ardnacashel; there was an inviting mix of roll tops, bull finches and traditional spreads all to be jumped on a full canter stride, which allowed riders to move up the gears and demonstrate to the judges what a good hunter should look like. The turnout of all competitors was exemplary, with ponies plaited to perfection and horses gleaming in the autumnal sunshine.

After the success of the new Amateur section at Ardnacashel’s Summer Show, this section again proved popular, the winner of the 70cm section was Victoria White on ‘Temple Bui’ having ridden a fabulous clear and Suzanne Glenn taking top spot in the 80cm on ‘Bob’. The 80cm Northern Ireland Festival class was highly competitive and the efforts and presentation of those competitors was recognised by show judges, David Whiteman, with the top six placings gaining their qualification for the Northern Ireland Festival, a big congratulations to all!

60CM: Medb Kinney and ‘Golden Grove Fantasy’ won the 60cm pony class at Ardnacashel’s Working Hunter competition. (FW40-534NN)

The small horses rose to the occasion in the 85cm class with a superb win for Emma Connelly on her ‘Mullaghdrin Cointreau Lady’, an absolutely gorgeous combination, with Jordan McClements and Zara Gabbey close on her heels coming second and third respectively. It was a busy day for Jordan, who won the 90cm section on ‘Izzy’ with a polished and very correct clear round and professional show. The 1m and 110cm was won by Emily McGowan on the spectacular ‘Ems Richeal’s Pet’, this pair showed grace and style throughout their two competitions. Ultimately, the overall horse championship was awarded to Emma, very well deserved.

The weather continued to be kind as the morning gave way to the afternoon and with that came the pony section and such a treat of an afternoon it was for show judge, Victoria Teuton, as she was greeted with an array of immaculate ponies and riders. Poppy McIlduff took top spot in the cross-poles and 50cm sections on her pony ‘Magic Merrylegs’ and Medb Kinney took the win in the 60cm class on board the delightful ‘Golden Grove Fantasy’. Ellie McDonnell was on winning form as she won both the 60cm small M&M class and the 70cm class on her fantastic ‘Linksbury Popstar’. Sophie McCormick proved tough to beat as she claimed the red ribbon for the hotly contested 80cm class, with Scarlet Thompson and Mia Angel placing second and third respectively. The 80cm M&M Large section went to Emily McGowan on ‘Tullaree Fear Bui’ and Anya Teuton was in second place on her wonderful partner, ‘Honey Bee’. Emily McGowan was also winner of the 90cm class and was the overall Pony Champion, with Reserve going to Poppy McIlduff on ‘Magic Merrylegs’.

It was a truly wonderful day and the team at Ardnacashel would like to thank the judges, David Whiteman and Victoria Teuton for providing such positive and helpful feedback to the competitors and to all those who came out to compete – organisers hope everyone enjoyed it as much as they did! The next working hunter show will be on Sunday, October 20.


Saturday, October 22

Working Hunter Horses

70cm Amateur: 1) Victoria White, Temple Bui; 2) Nicola Jellie, Comanche Craft; 3) Nathan McCausland, Ballinpark Endeavour.

80cm Amateur: 1) Susanne Glenn, Bob; 2) Karen Connelly, Ollie; 3) Susan Cochrane, Johnston’s Boy.

80cm Q: 1) Nathan McCausland, Master Caledonia; 2) Elaine Morrow, Caltra Leader; 3) Emma Connelly, Mullaghdrin Cointreau Lady; 4) Clare McIlveen, Sky Socks; 5) Victoria White, Temple Bui; 6) Carolyn Avery, Emperor’s Reflection.

85cm Small Horse: 1) Emma Connelly, Mullaghdrin Cointreau Lady; 2) Jordan McClements, Cracker; 3) Zara Gabbey, Roosky Star.

90cm: 1) Jordan McClements, Izzy; 2) Beth Murray, Valdee Mazeroy; 3) Clare Brown, Monkey Business; 4) Carolyn Avery, Emperor’s Reflection.

1m: 1) Emily McGowan, Ems Richeal’s Pet; 2) Beth Murray, Valdee Mazeroy.

1.10m: 1) Emily McGowan, Ems Richeal’s Pet.

Champion: Emily McGowan, Ems Richeal’s Pet; Reserve: Jordan McClemments, Cracker.

Working Hunter Ponies

Cross-Poles: 1) Poppy McIlduff, Magic Merrylegs.

50cm: 1) Poppy McIlduff, Magic Merrylegs.

60cm: 1) Medb Kinney, Golden Grove Fantasy.

60cm Small M&M: 1) Ellie McDonnell, Linksbury Popstar.

70cm: 1) Ellie McDonnell, Linksbury Popstar; 2) Sophie McCormick, Fronarth Flash Gordon; 3) Mia Angel, Blondie; 4) Molly McCloy, Paddy; 5) Medb Kinney, Golden Grove Fantasy.

80cm: 1) Sophie McCormick, Fronarth Flash Gordon; 2) Scarlet Thompson, Khaleesie; 3) Mia Angel, Blondie.

80cm M&M Large: 1) Emily McGowan, Tullaree Fear Bui; 2) Anya Teuton, Honey Bee.

90cm: 1) Emily McGowan, Tullaree Fear Bui; 2) Anya Teuton, Honey Bee.

80CM: Sophie McCormick and ‘Fronarth Flash Gordon’ won the 80cm pony class at the opening date of Ardnacashel’s Working Hunter Series. (FW40-533NN)

Champion: Emily McGowan, Tullaree Fear Bui; Reserve: Poppy McIlduff, Magic Merrylegs.


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