NIRC members learn from Irish team trainer Ian Fearon

NIRC Ian Fearon demo BR Farm
DEMONSTRATION: Ian illustrates his instructions to Alfie Adair and Katie Lyttle during the demonstration at Portmore. (FW40-552NN)

NORTHERN Ireland Riding Clubs had a very enjoyable show jumping demonstrat-

ion from Ian Fearon, when over 80 members travelled to Portmore on Monday, September 24, as

THANK YOU: Ian thanks Lorraine Leavesley and Victoria Fox for their participation during the demonstration at Portmore. (FW40-551NN)

part of their Training Pro-gramme, which was partly funded from the Annual Training Grant from British Riding Clubs.

Ian Fearon had just returned from the USA, where he was trainer to the Irish Team at the World Equestrian Games. NIRC were honoured indeed to have him come to them.

This is the third time Ian has come to the NIRC and each time it has been an occasion much appreciated by the organisers and members.

There were six very talented Guinea Pigs, who under the instruction of Ian, visibly improved their technique. This showed how good advice, when acted on, can improve a performance in a very short time.

Ian has the gift of imparting his advice simply and understandably, which was ably demonstrated by the riders and was apparent to the spectators.

Special thanks to all who helped make the evening a success; the members who turned out in force; Robin Bambridge, co-ordinator of Guinea Pigs; David and Sylvia Nicholl, Health and Safety and First Aiders; Lesley Wilson, Treasurer and the Guinea Pigs: Natalie Kelly, Laura McKillen, Alfie Adair, Katie Lyttle, Victoria Fox and Lorraine Leavesley.

FEEDBACK: Ian Fearon gives feedback to Katie Lyttle and Alfie Adair following their demonstration. (FW40-550NN)



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