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ON FORM: Kathryn Knox and ‘Braeview Codega’ had a great day at Lusk’s Summer Show, winning both the Traditional Irish Horse and Pony Working Hunter class and the Ridden Irish Draught class. (FW31-575NN)

LUSK Equestrian (Carr, Lisburn) welcomed competitors from all over the country to their Summer Show on Saturday, July 25.

There were four rings in operation starting at 9.30am, with ponies in the sand arena, horse showing on grass and Working Hunter also on grass, with the ridden and conformation part on sand.

RIDING HORSE CHAMPION: Lesley-Ann Duke and ‘Brookfield’s Empress’ claimed the Riding Horse Championship at Lusk’s Summer Show. (FW31-574NN)

Lusk’s were very privileged to have Emma Jackson to judge the Working Hunter, ably assisted by her mother Violet, while she is sidelined and all at Lusk’s wish her and Arron all the best for the future.

Sandra Hamilton took over the judging for the last four classes, while North Antrim Irish Draught and stallion judge, Paddy Traynor persevered throughout the day, looking after the ridden and conformation phase, assisted by Blanche Thompson.

There had been a huge request for the Working Hunter to be held on grass and it was most interesting to see how different combinations handled the ground conditions, which were most unique as today nearly all competitions are held on sand.

Showing took place under the direction of Cob supremo, Robert Morrow, with the elegant Sam Mc Cormick doing the honour of judge, assisted by Paul Horner as chief steward and sisters, Clare and Catherine Tumelty as ring stewards.

Many thanks go to Pump Park Vintage Photography, who sponsored the coloured in hand class and, as usual, the showing hub continued throughout the day.

Ponies were catered for in the large sand arena, providing an area for showing and warm up. Sarah Whiteside took charge of the proceedings, as Jenny had persuaded the well-known pony judge, Tony Bell to do the honours for the day. His job was not easy, as the ponies from First Ridden to Ridden Connemaras turned out in force – obviously glad to have a show taking place in this most difficult of seasons.

Katie Saunders, high up in the tower block, was busy announcing results, scoring and distribution of prizes, while controlling the movement of horses and ponies throughout the day.

Jenny thanked the mountain of judges, secretaries and helpers, who gave up their time to provide a great day’s sport and fun for everyone. A special thank you to all those who said a prayer on Friday evening for the good weather on Saturday!

Caroline Grimshaw was at hand to take those memorable snap shots of the day, while The White Horse Cafe provided food for everyone.

Lusk Equestrian continues the season with their Summer Derby on Sunday, August 2 on grass in the Derby Arena, which is sure to be a challenge and fun for all, with classes at 1m, 85cm and 70cm. Entries to Sarah on 07840 117132.


Saturday, July 25


Class 1 – Performance Working Hunter 70cm: 1) Charlotte Kelly, Mandella; 2) Rachel Moore, Buster; 3) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington; 4) Molly O’Connor, Rossfad Runaway; 5) Lorraine Kennedy, Candy; 6) Shemaine Kerr, Chitchat.

Class 2 – Four-year-old Working Hunter Horses and Ponies: 1) Rachel Moore, Willow; 2) Tara Dixon, Tzar; 3) Christopher McCarten, Cairn Ban; 4) Rachel Moore, Nutschullyug Opheila.

Class 3 – Traditional Irish Horse and Pony Working Hunter: 1) Kathryn Knox, Braeview Codega; 2) Emily Hawe, Crannard King of Hearts; 3) Katelyn Irvine, Duach Shadow; 4) Emma Jayne Leggett, Doonreaghan; 5) Alison Smith, Alis First Edition; 6) Michael Harty, Cashelbay Annabell.

Class 4 – Working Hunter Ponies up to 143cm: 1) Penny Kelly, Dreamer; 2) Taylor McKnight, Asterix; 3) Niamh Allen Collins, Lougherne Postman Pat; 4) Eva Kennedy, Pepper.

Class 5 – Working Hunter Horses (80cm): 1) Caiomhe O’Hare, Miss Mourne; 2) Hannah Blakely, Lougherne Bellissimma; 3) Harriet Pele, Impersonator; 4) Charlene Little, My Vintage Rose; 5) Anna Reid, Casey.

Class 6 – Cobs: 1) Dara McCracken, Ballyrussel Boy; 2) Samantha Nixie, Cardy Cruise.

Class 6 – Small Hunter: 1) Sophie Cowan, Tempo Quickstep; 2) Rory Kinnear, Dartans First Lady; 3) Chloe Thompson, Beechburn Lass; 4) Leah Chambers, Cummer Park Silver Boy; 5) Emma Connelly, Mullaghdrin Cointreau Lady; 6) Hannah Rafferty, Cor Rambler.

Class 7 – Working Hunter Horses (90cm): 1) Phoebe Beaumont, Roundthorn Claddagh; 2) Leo Pele, Vincent; 3) Kerry Finlay, Shanbally Ronaldo; 4) Margery Warnock, Butterfly Charm; =5) Suzanne Glenn, Bob; =5) Lisa Talbot, GHS Step in Thyme.

Class 8 – Working Hunter Ponies up to 153cm: 1) Emma Jayne McPolin, Glenmore Miss Mirah; 2) Emily Hawe, Crannard King of Hearts; 3) Beth Taylor, Mill Yard Bobster; 4) Jessica Mulgrew, Knockagarraon Emperor; 5) Ben Cousins, Broughshane Boy; 6) Katelyn Irvine, Duach Shadow.

Class 9 – Working Hunter Horses (1m): 1) Jonny Steele, Murray; 2) Emma McEntee, Gelvin’s Hero; 3) Clare Steele, Frankie; 4) Gillian Neill, PGS Little Ferro; 5) Jonny Steele, Ace; 6) Rory Lavery, Quality Street.

Class 10 – Working Hunter Horses (1.10m): 1) Rory Lavery, Quality Street; 2) Ben Cousins, Broughshane Boy.


Class 34 – In-hand Coloured: 1) Susan Fanning, EBS Tallisman Taylor 2; 2) Shemaine Kerr, Chitchat; 3) Katie Clarke, Sue.

Class 35 – Yearlings and Two-year-olds: 1) Eva Donnan, Zebedee; 2) Lee Morrow, Seagahan Gold Rock.

Class 35 – Three-year-olds: 1) David Kirkpatrick, Dylan; 2) Gillian Gill, Brymars Universal Time; 3) Chloe Thompson, Battle’s Gent; 4) Karen Connelly, Ardnacashel Cassanova; 5) Caroline Chambers, Shadows Golden Boy; 6) Sara Boyd, Meerkat.

Class 36 – In-hand over Four-year-old: 1) Sarah Killeen, Brorig Midnight Star; 2) Emma Jayne Leggett, Doonreaghan.


Classes 11 and 13 – Lightweight Hunters: 1) Andrea McKee, Dancing Queen; 2) Tara Dixon, Tzar; 3) Shirley Anderson, Impersonator; 4) Lisa Talbot, GHS Step in Thyme; 5) Jessica Knowles, Pinecroft Jedburgh.

Classes 14 and 15 – Middle/ Heavyweight Hunters: 1) Lesley Ann Duke, Consider it Dun; 2) Lisa Boyd, Black Diamond Edition; 3) Sarah Turley, The Marksman.

Class 16 – Small Hunter: 1) Emily Pearson, Woodview Push Play; 2) Rachel Moore, Morrow’s Parker Street; 3) Tara Murphy, Shanbally De ja vu; 4) Matt Dickenson, Dinger; 5) Tina O’Connor, Rockrimmon Willow; 6) Grace Morton, Lady Zara.

Classes 17 and 18 – Cobs: 1) Lisa Talbot, Lady Lola; 2) Sarah Brashaw, Rory Mac.

Class 19 – Ridden Irish Draught: 1) Kathryn Knox, Braeview Codega; 2) Robbin Herron, Dancing Jane; 3) Catherine Patteron, Carrabawn Jewel; 4) Alison Smith, Alis First Edition; 5) Aoife Hagan, Derry Cross; 6) Judith Jackson, Queen of Spades.


Champion: Emily Pearson, Woodview Push Play; Reserve: Andrea McKee, Dancing Queen.

Class 20 – Riding Horses: 1) Lesley Ann Duke, Brookfield’s Empress; 2) Brian Murphy, Shawstown; 3) Matt Dickenson, Major Sam; 4) Emily Pearson, Double Take; 5) Nicola Jellie, Comanche Craft; 6) Reese Hogg, Smythy.

Class 21 – Coloured Horses: 1) Susan Fanning, EBS Tallisman Taylor 2; 2) Zoe Bell, Hefferon’s Half Pint; 3) Charlene Little, My Vintage Rose; 4) Rebecca Belshaw, Mr Reba.

Class 22 – Veteran Horses: 1) Emily Pearson, Double Take; 2) Sara Boyd, Phoenix; 3) Elaine Leinster, Greystone Golden Lady.

Class 23 – Racehorse to Riding Horse: 1) Malachy Casement, Goingagainstmywill; 2) Brian Murphy, Shawstown; 3) Grainne McParland, Lady Multifix; 4) Mary Hamill Booth, Don Franco.


Champion: Lesley Ann Duke, Brookfield’s Empress; Reserve: Malachy Casement, Goingagainstmywill.


Class 24 – Lead Rein Show Pony: 1) Kjerstin Chissel, Hightopps Hunny Bunny; 2) Amelia Logan, Sycamore Fairytale.

Class 25 – Lead Rein Show Hunter Pony: 1) Casey Lee Miller, Linksbury Goldilocks; 2) Kjerstin Chissel, Griashall Faberge; 3) Elizabeth Atkinson, Eeabrook Isla; 4) Coralie Brolly, Yrenfys Llwynog; 5) Ella Latto, Gryngallt Pizzicato; 6) Charlotte Cassidy, Peplow Dancing Queen.

Class 26 – Lead Rein M&M Pony: 1) Seth Houston, Rhydygrug Peter Pan; 2) Elissa Cowan, Garnant Emyr; 3) Casey Lee Miller, Lingards Wood Henri; 4) Lizzy Taylor, Johnny; 5) Eirin Wardle, Harry Potter; 6) Faith Jones, Diamonte.

Class 27 – Lead Rein Family Pony: 1) Rebecca Cowan, Garnant Emyr; 2) Elizabeth Atkinson, Eeabrook Isla; 3) Zach Cassidy, Manorowen Tommy Lee; 4) Eirin Wardle, Harry Potter; 5) Lizzy Taylor, Johnny; 6) Isla Christie, Poppy; 7) Faith Jones, Diamonte; 8) Sophia Murdock, Escley Trajan.

Class 28 – First Ridden: 1) Ella Latto, Gryngallt Pizzicato; 2) Lacey Jones, Parsley; 3) Casey Lee Miller, Thistledown Whisper; 4) Noah Houston, Amesbury Queen Bee; 5) Coralie Brolly, Yrenfys Llwynog.


Champion: Kjerstin Chissel, Hightopps Hunny Bunny; Reserve: Amelia Logan, Sycamore Fairytale.

Class 28A – First Ridden with canter: 1) Casey Lee Miller, Thistledown Whisper; 2) Coralie Brolly, Yrenfys Llwynog; 3) Grace Murdock, Escley Trajan; 4) Lacey Jones, Parsley; 5) Olivia Rodgers, Motivator; 6) Mia McKay, Hideaway Topkat.

Class 29 – Combined heights Show Ponies: 1) Ellie Annett, Litton High Society; 2) Charlotte Kelly, Chagford Leon; 3) Mia McKay, Hideaway Topkat.

Class 30 – Combined heights Show Hunter Ponies: 1) Tara Murphy, Shanbally De ja vu; 2) Penny Kelly, Dreamer; 3) Amelia Wheeler, Creevelea Midnight Gambler; 4) Molly Smyth, Goldsmith Country Ruby; 5) Shana Martin, Peasedown Bobby Brown; 6) Emily Pearson, Suillen Dunally.

Class 31 – Small breeds M&M: 1) Charlotte Kelly, Mandella; 2) Hanna Morrison, Thistledown Sundai; 3) Grace Murdock, Escley Trajan; 4) Coralie Brolly, Yrenfys Llwynog.

Class 32 – Large breeds M&M: 1) Beth McCartney, Anita’s Prince; 2) Megan Dumigan, Rhyd ddu Buster; 3) Emma Devine, Beechmount Lulu; 4) Julie Donaghy Simpson, Beauty’s Melody.

Class 33 – Ridden Connemara: 1) Emma Devine, Beechmount Lulu; 2) Beth McCartney, Anita’s Prince; 3) Heidi Martin, Crohery Lad; 4) Shannon Carruthers, Ratheen Sam; 5) Alex Watt, Bingo; 6) Elly-Rose Dixon, Monaincha Belle.


LINE UP: Ridden Hunter Champion Lesley Jones on ‘Woodview Push Play’, pictured with judge Sam McCormick, steward Paul Horner and Reserve Champion Andrea McKee on ‘Dancing Queen’ at Lusk’s Summer Show. (FW31-573NN) PICTURES

Champion: Emma Devine, Beechmount Lulu; Reserve: Tara Murphy, Shanbally De ja vu.


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