A guide to poultry books

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This is a continuation of my thoughts and an insight into helpful poultry reading.

The Rare Poultry Society has compiled and published its own set of standards, “The Rare Poultry Society Breed Standards”.

This book covers all breeds not represented by a breed club or in some cases not included in the British Poultry Standards. The first was published in 2013, approximately 150 pages, firm paperback.

There is a very informative section in this book which deals with the recognised auto sexing breeds (breeds which can be sexed as day old chicks by colour or markings). It also explains many of the newly imported breeds from the European continent, and some very old breeds which have been redeveloped.

The contributors have been, for many years, the greatest advocates of diversity in the poultry fancy, and without a doubt there is a breed choice included for anyone and everyone to support.

Whether it be for eggs, meat, exhibition or just simply as pets, the colours and variations are very well explained.

“Stairway To The Breeds” is a fascinating book published in the late 1990s, hard back, and containing 450 pages, packed with winners and utility laying achievements going back to a time between the war years.

Written by the late Ian Kay, the history and creation of many breeds is discussed within its pages.

The development and changes made through selective breeding for both utility and exhibition is well explained and accompanied by many pictures, and proves to be very informative.

It is a great insight into the creators, breeders, and of the breeds which have remained popular now for well over 100 years.


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