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A look back at Ballymena Show in 2016

It was lovely to look back at the Ballymena Agricultural Show in 2016 with the event sadly cancelled this year due to the pandemic.

This week five years ago we reported on the Ballymena Agricultural Show’s poultry section with the photographs of the event kindly taken by Neal Adams.

At this stage Neal has been involved in poultry keeping and showing for 25 years but the hardest task he did was taking these wonderful photos and what a great job he made of it. Thanks Neal.

This show was a two-day event held on Friday, May 27, and Saturday, May 28, 2016, within the Ballymena show grounds.

The poultry show was held on the Saturday in the Slemish Hall, named after Slemish Mountain which is clearly seen from the show grounds.

This hall is also the home of the Ballymena Poultry Club, which is the biggest in the country and where amazing numbers of poultry and domestic waterfowl have been exhibited over the years along with other clubs annual shows (which we will cover in future articles).

Here is a list of some of the top results:

Show Champion, Champion Light Soft Feather Bantam and Best Poland was awarded to the Fullerton family’s white Crested Black Poland Bantam cockerel.

Best Waterfowl and Best Light Breed Duck was awarded to Ryan McLaren’s Magpie drake.

Best True bantam was awarded to the Fullerton family’s Black Pekin pullet.

Best Large Heavy Soft Feather was awarded to M&R Neill’s Barred Plymouth Rock Cockerel.

Best Large Light Breed was awarded to Hugh Thompson’s Minorca pullet.

Best Heavy Soft Feather Bantam was awarded to the Fullerton family’s Light Sussex Bantam cockerel.

Best Old English Game bantam was awarded to JBN Adams family’s blue Furnace pullet.

Best Modern Game was awarded to Kennedy Brothers’ Pile Modern Game Bantam cockerel.

Best Carlisle Game was awarded to JBN Adams’ pullet.

Best Call Duck was awarded to M&R Neill’s white Call duck.

Best Miniature Duck was awarded to Ryan McLaren’s Black East Indian Drake.

Best Juvenile Entry was awarded to Ellen Fullerton’s Light Sussex Bantam pullet.

Best Rare breed was awarded to Ryan McLaren’s Silver Kraienkoppe cockerel.

Best Trio was awarded to a trio of Seramas.

Best Egg Exhibit was awarded to a plate of eggs exhibited by the Warick family.

I must apologise if I have missed any of the top awards.

Let’s hope that next year we will once again be going to the Ballymena Agricultural Show.



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