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A phycological thriller which explores a twisted working relationship

Emily Watson stars in the phycological thriller Too Close, a three-part series running this week beginning on Monday, ITV, at 9pm.

She plays dedicated forensic psychiatrist Emma Robertson, who is assigned to work with Connie Mortensen, a wife and mother accused of a despicable crime.

Her assessment of the ‘yummy mummy monster’s’ sanity will determine whether Connie faces life in jail, life in a secure psychiatric hospital, or the chance of rehabilitation and release.

Emma hopes that the high-profile case will make her career, but her sessions with Connie quickly become a complex psychological game of cat and mouse with confusing sexual undercurrents. Connie has a searing insight into Emma’s insecurities and brutally exploits them.

It isn’t clear whether she is hoping to manipulate Emma to gain her freedom, or simply toying with Emma for her own entertainment, as she probes into Emma’s own dark past.

Emma gradually starts to understand what drove Connie to her crime, but it also seems that she may be getting too close to a woman who is beyond redemption – can Emma see to it that justice is done without destroying herself in the process?

Too Close is about a powerful – but dangerous – closeness between two women.

In the first episode we see Connie commit a terrible, unimaginable, crime.

Being held in a secure psychiatric unit awaiting trial, Emma is tasked with assessing her state of mind on the night of her offence.

During their first session, however, Connie claims to have no memory of that night; instead, she mocks Emma and begins probing into her personal life…



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