A Stellar performance from Michael and ‘Comet’ at Hagans Croft dressage

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WELL DONE: Michael Boyd won both the novice and elementary classes on Comet. (FW8-567NN)

THE fourth week of Hagans Croft’s five-week dressage league got underway last Saturday, February 16, where competitors were under the watchful eye of judges Shenade Duggan and Coreen Abernethy. The first class and largest of the day was the Intro class, where competitors rode a Pony club walk, trot test.

Spring seemed to be in the air as keeping to walk and trot seemed to be quite testing for some! When the scores came in, it was clear to see that the competition was tight within the top four placings. However, Sarah McClay and ‘Tigger’ were victorious with a score of 70.38 per cent, closely followed by Judith Bracken and ‘Mary’ with 69.23 per cent. Robyn McMurray and Alexandra Murphy battled it out for third place. Both competitors finished on the same score and collective marks, however it was point five of a walk mark, which separated them, giving Robyn and her petite black mare ‘Royanna’ third place.

SECOND: Kathryn Huson finished second in the novice class on Cadi. (FW8-566NN)

Emma Russell and her chestnut gelding, ‘Fidele’ topped the Newcomers class with a score of 64.75 per cent. Diane Wilson and ‘Mrs Muffin’ took a close second, followed by Mary Booth and ‘Don Franco’ in third. These were great results for these three competitors, considering this is the first time they would have competed in a Prelim test.

A new face to compete at Hagans Croft, Michael Boyd made his mark on the Prelim class with his steel grey beauty ‘Getadate’, claiming the red rosette with 75.25 per cent. Second place went to the elegant young rider, Keva Milligan and her mount, ‘Kings Appraisal’, who gracefully saluted to 71.25 per cent. This pair are one to watch at the final next week.

Coreen Abernethy took the judging seat for the Novice class, where some superb tests were ridden! Michael Boyd had his work cut out for him, riding two horses within the same class, although this was no trouble to a seasoned pro, with both horses finishing within top three – ‘Comet’ in first place with 77.5 per cent and ‘Getadate’ in third with 71.75 per cent. Hagans Croft resident Kathryn Huson and her colourful mare in more ways than one ‘Cadi’, rode a very impressive test, finishing on a well deserved score of 73 per cent and second place.

Michael Boyd and ‘Comet’ soared to new heights in the Elementary class with a jaw dropping performance worthy of the ‘9s’ they were awarded. There was no doubting everyone was witnessing a winner in sight, as they saluted to a score of 79 per cent and a red ribbon, well done Michael and ‘Comet’! Not to detract from the other competitors, who also fought hard for their marks and placings, Laura King and ‘Youngstar’s’ sterling performance gained them second place with 71 per cent and Alix McGladery with ‘Remi Leboe’ finished third. Well done!

Thank you to all the competitors, who supported the fourth leg of this five-week league and Hagans Croft hopes to see everyone again next week.

Thanks are extended to the judges, Shenade Duggan and Coreen Abernethy and stewards, Carol and Helen and to Black Horse Photography for covering the event. Photographs are uploaded the following day and can be purchased direct from Black Horse Photography N.I.’s website.

The League continues every Saturday until February 23. The final is open to all competitors even if you have not qualified for the league. A separate prize giving will be held for those competing on the day and those competing in the league. To qualify for the final, each horse/ pony and rider combination must compete in three out of the five weeks and within the same dressage class. Competitors must be present at the final to be eligible for league placings. Scoring is based on a points system and details of league scores can be found on Hagans Croft’s website or facebook page. Rosettes are awarded to the first six placings each week and within the overall league placings.

This Dressage league is very kindly sponsored by Jo Andrews Interiors and Furniture Design.

NEWCOMER: Emma Russell led the newcomers on Fidele. (FW8-565NN)

Please see the website: www.haganscroftequestrian.co.uk or facebook for more details or contact Gillian on 07849 106453.


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