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a wonderful turnout for Dromore Club Waterfowl show

LAST Saturday saw the return of the Dromore Poultry Association’s autumn/winter Waterfowl show at the new premises kindly provided by James Hammond at his home in Loughbrickland.

This was the first of five shows planned to be held by the club this season.

The show on Saturday also incorporated the British Call Duck Club regional show and what a turnout of Call ducks with over 300 Call ducks on display, making it the biggest regional show outside the annual November Club show. Most colours of Call ducks were on display with some that have hardly been seen in shows here before.

Besides the amazing display of Call ducks all the classes of heavy, light and miniature breeds of ducks were well represented and in the adjoining building there was a great display of geese in a number of different breeds across the three section categories of heavy, medium and light breeds.

Overall there were over 450 ducks and geese on display. What a great display for the first waterfowl show since 2019.

Historically domestic waterfowl were first introduced to the Dromore Poultry Club in the 1990s when classes for Call ducks and miniature ducks were added into the soft feather section and with the expansion of the club both in size of the premises and larger show cages, a waterfowl–only show was established which has been a popular addition to the club ever since.

The judges for this event were Kevin Williamson, originally from Shetland, Scotland, and now living in England and Ryan McLaren from County Tyrone and between them they had a massive task, but meticulously judged the birds and before we knew it championship row started to fill up with the section winners.

The British Call duck regional show results were as follows:

This is the first of the three Northern Ireland regional shows.

Best Self Variety – Jimmy Ryan, white male.

Best Mallard – Jimmy Ryan, adult mallard female.

Best Dilute Variety – Lucy Hammond, adult Apricot male.

Best marked mallard variety – Lucy Hammond, adult pied drake.

Best Silver variety – Lucy Hammond, Apricot Silver Adult female.

Best Marked Silver Variety – Lucy Hammond, Silver Appleyard adult female.

Best marked variety – Lucy Hammond, adult black magpie drake.

Champion Non standard – Lucy Hammond, adult dark blue Silver drake.

Champion Call – Lucy Hammond, adult Pied male.

Reserve champion call – Jimmy Ryan, adult mallard female.

The result of the best of breeds:

Aylesbury – Ryan Liggett

Rouen – Ryan Liggett.

Saxony – Andrew Moorhead.

German Pekin – Guy Richardson.

Cayuga – Darren Warnick.

Indian Runner – Gregory Eaton.

Magpie – Francis Murtagh.

Buff Orpington – Francis Murtagh.

Abacot Ranger – Francis Murtagh.

Campbell – McKibbin Family

Bali – David Neill

The top awards were as follows:

Champion Goose – Gregory Eaton’s Buff Toulouse.

Champion Heavy Breed – Ryan Liggett’s Rouen Duck.

Champion Light Breed – Gregory Eaton’s Fawn Indian Runner duck

Champion Miniature Breed – Roy Davidson’s Black East Indian duck.

Champion Call duck – Lucy Hammond’s Pied Call drake.

Champion junior entry – Ryan boys’ white Call.

Overall show champion was Lucy Hammond’s Call Drake.

Reserve show champion was Jimmy Ryan’s Mallard Call duck.

This was a wonderful show and a great return to autumn/winter shows here in Northern Ireland.

I would like to thank James Hammond for setting up the Dromore Poultry Association’s show hall at his home. The lighting and layout was superb and the effort that went into this event by Pauline Gibson, Judith Lyons, Ryan Liggett, Robert and Joanne McKibben and other club members was just incredible. A special thanks to judges Kevin Williamson and Ryan McLaren for giving up their valuable time to judge this event.

This was a great day out for all who have an interest in domestic waterfowl and helps to preserve these wonderful breeds.

n Next Saturday, October 30, there is the first Dromore hard feather show of the season at Loughbrickland and also on the same day is the Banbridge poultry fair at the Belmont House Hotel, Banbridge.



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