Advanced dairy parlour will benefit cows and students


A new state-of-the-art dairy parlour has been installed at Hartpury’s on-campus commercial farm, improving animal welfare and providing agriculture students with hands-on experience of the latest farming technology.

Students studying agriculture diplomas and undergraduate degrees will have access to the advanced facility – a 30/30 GEA BeTeBe Rapid Exit Parlour designed to Hartpury’s own specifications – to provide them with valuable industry experience outside their academic learning.

The new dairy parlour, which is part of the development of the Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre, will reduce milking times and improve hygiene and welfare for Hartpury’s award-winning 250-strong herd of dairy cows.

Andrew Eastabrook, Farm Manager at Hartpury, said: “We’re delighted to have upgraded our on-site dairy facilities as part of our strong commitment to maintaining high standards of animal welfare and to keeping our students in touch with the very latest developments within the farming industry.

“It’s important for their future career prospects that our students gain genuine hands-on experience of the latest equipment to provide them with the up-to-date skills they’ll need when they’re working within the industry.”


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