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AHDB launches ‘Beige is Beautiful’ campaign

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THE Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is launching a consumer marketing campaign based around a striking piece of art made entirely from wholegrains.

The PR-led campaign turns a popular cultural belief on its head by highlighting how so-called ‘beige’ food can be beautiful, both inside and out.

The ‘Beige is Beautiful” campaign is seeking to also raise awareness of the importance of including wholegrains in a healthy, balanced diet.

AHDB has enlisted renowned food artist Prudence Staite, who has swapped her usual artistic materials of choice for the medium of wholegrains to recreate an iconic piece of art which will be used as a visual reference to illustrate the campaign’s key messages.

This striking artwork forms the cornerstone of the consumer awareness campaign to help address the lack of understanding among consumers regarding the role of wholegrains in a healthy diet.

The campaign will be promoted via traditional and social media channels.

This activity will be supported by food and farming influencer Julius Roberts, @telltalefood, who will create content on his social channels to highlight the importance of wholegrains and encourage his followers to share their wholegrain recipes and tips.

Dr Gill Jenkins, a GP and Food Advisory Board member, will also support the campaign by explaining the health attributes of wholegrains and encouraging people to achieve their daily target of 30g of fibre through greater consumption of this valuable food group.

Forming part of AHDB’s wider ‘We Eat Balanced’ campaign, the aim of ‘Beige is Beautiful’ is to educate consumers on the many benefits of eating wholegrains.

The advantages include their ability help keep us healthy and how they may also help reduce the risk of many common diseases.

The campaign will also focus on the versatility of wholegrains as tasty ingredients that can be included in a variety of dishes and their role as a great source of fibre.

Speaking about the importance of including wholegrains in a balanced diet, Dr Gill Jenkins said: “Wholegrains play an important part in a healthy and balanced diet providing a good source of dietary fibre and other nutrients we need for good health.

“UK Government guidelines advise adults should have 30g of dietary fibre a day as this is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

“Currently adults in the UK only eat around 20g fibre a day, so most of us need to increase our intakes.

“Choosing foods with fibre may also make us feel fuller for longer and having a high fibre diet can help digestion and prevent constipation.”

AHDB Cereal and Oilseeds Strategy Director Martin Grantley-Smith added: “Consumers are bombarded daily with messages about what they should and shouldn’t eat, and this campaign builds on AHDB’s ‘Eat Balanced’ work earlier this year to put the message out there that wholegrains are an important part of a healthy balanced diet.”



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