All Silver Show concludes the season for Mid Ulster

Mid Ulster BR Farm
FAMILY AFFAIR: The Hunter Family, taking part in the Fledglings competition at the All Silver Show run by Mid Ulster Show jumpers. (FW38-504NN)

THEY were still jumping until after 7pm as the Mid Ulster Show jumpers brought the curtain down on their 2018 season with their biggest crowd of the year, at the annual All Silver Show held at Hillhead Road, Castledawson.

The judges were Isobel Mawhinney, Nicola Henry, Liz Porter-Payne and Hugh Nicholl.

TROPHY: The Irvine Family hand over the trophy to Family Pony winner Ethan Bell on ‘Pilgrim’ at the Mid Ulster Show jumpers’ All Silver Show. (FW38-503NN)

The Mid Ulster Show jumpers would like to thank everyone who made the event a resounding success and hope to see everyone back in April for their first event of 2019.



Tiny Tots: 1 and R Diffin Shield) Jodie McKay, Glenone Nutcracker; 2) Lucy Maneely, Lulu.

First Ridden: 1 and ER Nicholl Cup) Katie Kelly, Princess; 2) Aine Clancy, Alex; 3) Zara McAnerney, Max; 4) Aimee McAnerney, Toby.

Family Pony: 1 and Mid Ulster Show jumpers Trophy) Ethan Bell, Pilgrim; 2) Darragh Martin, Roger; 3) Jessica Simms, Emerald; 4) Iona McKay, Freddie.

Dogs: 1) Cheryl Palmer, Fred; 2) Kyle Irvine, Minnie; 3) T McNeilly, Dolly.

Fancy Dress: 1) O’Neill Family, Air Ambulance; 2) Ben Chambers, Batman and Robin; 3) Leah Moore, Little Bo Peep and Giant Sheep; 4) Katie Kelly, The Flintstones; 5) Abbie Harkness, The Unicorn Princess.


Pony Games: 1 and Mid Ulster Show jumpers Shield) Mia McKay, Dinky; 2) Thomas O’Neill, Tiny; =3) Kyle Irvine, Emerald; Caoime Murtagh, Tommy Tucker; 4) Padraig O’Neill, Princess.

Junior Jumping: 1 and JB Tyres Cup) Ben Chambers, Nipper; 2) Kyle Irvine, Cassie; 3) Lucy Maneely, Lulu; 4) Emily Wilkinson, Twinkle.

Fledglings: 1 and Bryson Family Cup (drawn for) Claudia Mainwaring, Bella.

Also clear: Ben Chambers, Nipper; Aine Hunter, Sparky; Erin Dallas, Polo; Katie Kelly, Princess; Poppy Bannon, Pepsi; Darragh Martin, Roger; Caoime Murtagh, Tommy Tucker; Mia McKay, Dinky; Jodie McKay, Dinky; Ethan Bell, Pilgrim; Sarah Bates, Dixie; Iona McKay, Freddie; Lily O’Neill, Coco; Caolan Moran, Pilgrim; Ethan O’Neill, Coco; Abbie Chambers, Beano.

Pony Warm Up: 1 and William Hueston Shield (drawn for) Caolan Moran, Pilgrim.

Also clear: Ethan Bell, Pilgrim; Sarah Bates, Dixie; Iona McKay, Freddie; Emily Mainwaring, Teddy; Jamie McElhatton, Dylan; Caoime McElhatton, Silver; Ellie Mae McCrory, Dante; Darragh Martin, Roger.

40cm Novice: Jamie McElhatton, Dylan; Caoime McElhatton, Silver; Ellie Mae McCrory, Dante.

50cm Open: 1 and Young Motors Cup) Daniel Dallas, Rolo; 2) Abbie Harkness, Trinnie; 3) Kaitlin McCrory, Pop.

60cm Novice: 1 and Jamie Lad Trophy) Amelia Bannon, Judy; 2) Kaitlin McCrory, Dante; 3) Molly Gribben, Dunby,.

70cm Open: 1 and Star Filling Station Cup) Kym Moore, Applejack; 2) Zoe Caskey, Gunner; 3) Molly Gribben, Dunby.

80cm Novice: 1 and William Service Cup) Zoe Caskey, Gunner; 2) Sam Jackson, Ike; 3) Ellie McCann, Aldo.

90cm Open: 1 and Oakley Kitchens Cup) Katelyn Irvine, Cassie; 2) Bethany Gordon, Glenford Starlight; 3) Megan O’Neill, Diamond.

1 metre: 1 and John Bell Gravel Shield and Bruce Scott Memorial Cup) Bethany Gordon, Glenford Starlight; 2) Ellie McCann, Rosie; 3) Katelyn Irvine, Cassie.

Speed: 1 and trophy) Katelyn Irvine, Cassie; 2) Sam Jackson, Ike; 3) Ellie McCann, Rosie.


Warm Up: 1 and Henry Address System Cup) Mandy Mulholland, Lincoln.

60cm Novice: 1 and McKee Butchers Cup) Amy Murphy, Honey; 2) Cathie Carson, Ruby; 3) Aimee Fleming, Oreo.

70cm Novice: 1 and Dolly Mixture Cup) Aimee Fleming, Jess; 2) Aaron Hamilton, Zoe; 3) Emma Hoy, Bounty.

80cm Open: 1 and Haven Saddlery Cup) Jillian McLaughlin, Gadaffi; 2) Emma Hoy, Bounty; 3) Aaron Hamilton, Zoe.

90cm Open: 1 and Sam Smyth Pharmacy Cup) Ellen Donnelly, Reme; 2) Niamh Porter-Payne, Lexy; 3) Trevor Johnston, Dazzling Robbie.

1 metre Open: 1 and Glenview Trophies Cup) Rachel Graham, Batman; 2) Lizzie Graham, Bob; 3) Ellen Donnelly, Reme.

ACTION: Ethan Bell on ‘Pilgrim’ in action in the Fledglings class at the All Silver Show run by Mid Ulster Show jumpers. (FW38-502NN)

Six Bar: 1) Ellen Donnelly, Reme; 2) Ann-Marie Donnelly, Blue Jay; 3) Samantha McClean, Darko.


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