All systems go at Slemish Hall

Ducks 28-11-19 SM Farm

By Caroline Fullerton

Poultry exhibitors travelled to the Slemish Hall in Ballymena on Saturday, where both the East Antrim Poultry Club and the Northern Ireland Waterfowl Club were staging their annual shows.

Results from the Waterfowl show will be in next week’s poultry page.

East Antrim staged its championship show with almost 700 birds entered. Mervyn Elliott, Eugene Mallon and Gareth Ingram were judges for the day.

The OEG section also held its Regional Show at this event, with Peter O’Loughlin the man in charge.

The OEG results are as follows:

Champion – Adams & McLaren, Dark Furnace Pullet;

Opposite Sex to the Champion – A&R Shaw, D/Red Cockeral;

Overall OEG Bantam Points – A&R Shaw;

Overall Large Game Points – Adams & McLaren;

Best Young Bird – Adams & McLaren, Furnace Pullet;

Best Old Bird – A&R Shaw, Polecat Hen;

Best Spangle – A&R Shaw;

Best Furnace – Adams & McLaren;

Best Blue Furnace – Adams & McLaren;

Best D/Red Partridge – A&R Shaw;

Best L/Red Wheaten – A&R Shaw;

Best Black – A&R Shaw;

Best Blue – Adams & McLaren; Best Duckwing Bantam – Sean Brogan;

Best Brown Red/Birchen – Adams & McLaren;

Best Pile – Adams & McLaren; Best Creole – Jonny Blaney;

Best AOC – A&R Shaw.

The winners in the other sections were:

Overall Show Champion was a Brown Red Modern Game from Andy Johnston.

Reserve was a German Langshan Cockeral from well known breeder Gordon Walker.

Best Heavy Large Buff Orpington went to Adams & McLaren, while Best Heavy Bantam German Langshan was collected by Gordon Walker.

Best Light Large Minorca was secured by Adams & McLaren; Best Light Bantam White Crested Black Poland went to James Weatherup; Best True Bantam was collected by K Fitzsimmons; and Best Oxford by John McKearney.

Best OEG Carlisle and Best Rare both went to A & R Shaw; an Andy Johnston bird took Best Modern; and Best Juvenille was collected by Conor McCann with a Silkie.

Thanks to Robert Shaw and his team of glamorous assistants who helped with results and trophies – great to see young people stepping up to the mark.

Photographs were take by Caroline Fullerton and James Weatherup (soft feather photos) and Robert Shaw (Old English Game photos).

The organisers would like to thank the judges, including Roy Lewis and Artie Faulkner, and all the exhibitors.


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