Amateurs on form at NI Outdoor Championship Show

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ONE ROUND SPEED: Ian Moore and ‘Triple C’, winners of the One Round Speed class, sponsored by Procon Sky Hire, receiving their prize from Ryan Fegan at the Northern Ireland Outdoor Amateur Championship Show. (FW35-503NN)

THE Northern Ireland Outdoor Amateur Championship 2018 was held on Saturday, August 18. The Ker-nan Equestrian Centre Am-ateur Committee wish to sincerely thank the sponsors for their very generous support: Procon Sky Hire; Horse First Supplements; Clarman Architects and Premier Saddlery.

Two magnificent Perpetual Trophies were presented at the show – the ‘Maggie Murphy Memorial Perpetual Trophy’ was presented to Catherine Drain, winner of the “Grand Prix” on her horse ‘Alaska-M’, while the ‘Frank Kernan Memorial Perpetual Trophy’ went to Alexander Bailey and ‘Callie LVS Z’, winners of the “Power & Speed” class.

GRAND PRIX: Right, Catherine Drain and ‘Alaska-M’, winners of the Grand Prix, sponsored by Clarman Architects receiving their prize from Jim Maneely and committee member Roisin Hughes at the Northern Ireland Outdoor Amateur Championship Show. (FW35-502NN)

The jumping had everyone on the edge of their seats, especially as third to jump in the Procon Sky Hire sponsored One Round Speed class, “AA” rider Ian Moore on ‘Triple C’, set a cracking pace, finishing in a time of 56.83 seconds, which proved unbeatable. Karen Pearson, second to go on ‘Quantum Classic’, finished on a good time of 61.87 seconds placing her second. Michelle Brannigan and ‘Toome Cruising Jimmy’ finished third in 62.02 seconds.

The next class, the Horse First sponsored Power & Speed was a qualifier for the Farmers Journal A Championship and also a Dingos qualifier. It was equally as hot, with Alexandra Bailey and ‘Callie LVS Z’ making the turns that made the difference to take first place in 39.21 seconds. Alexandra managed to hold on to her lead until the end, although Laura Carrick and ‘My Foxy Lass’, second last to go, made a valiant attempt but their time of 39.44 seconds just wasn’t fast enough, so they quite happily settled for second place. Third place went to Donegal man Seamus Og Campbell and ‘Killymard Flight’ whose time was 39.85 seconds. Catherine Drain placed sixth placing in this event.

The Grand Prix, sponsored by Clarman Architects, didn’t disappoint with the skill of jumping from the riders. Out of a field of 43 starters, 18 went through to the jump off. “AA” rider Catherine Drain on board ‘Alaska-M’ secured first place, with her quick turns in an excellent time of 38.88 seconds. Brian Kennedy, hot on her heels, kept his cool on ‘Looks Easy’, but finishing 2.03 seconds slower than Catherine, he finished in second place.

Sheikh Samir Mirdad was in the ribbons again taking third place on his second horse ‘Mirdads Fareeedat Alrahmaaan’ (42.61 seconds); fourth went to Peter Dargan on ‘Temple Cruise’ (44.23 seconds); fifth to Catherine Chambers and ‘Seapatrick Beachball’ (46.53 seconds) and sixth to Taryn McClurkin and ‘Innocense’ (47.15 sec-

onds). This class was a qualifier for the Leddy League and the SJI Amateur Autumn Series Final.

Catherine Drain was cr-owned Leading Rider of the show and was presented with her winner’s sash and special prize of a TRI Equestrian voucher, sponsored by Kernan E.C.

Congratulations to Lorraine Patton and ‘Castleroche Pretty Woman’, who were voted “Best Turned Out”.

All at Kernan Equestrian Centre wish to extend their sincere thanks to the Amateur Committee, Eileen Duggan, Margaret Fullerton, Roisin Hughes, Lynn Kelly and Joe Hughes for all the hard work that went into making this a very successful and fun day.


Saturday, August 18

Kernan Equestrian Centre
NI Outdoor Amateur Championships 
One Round Speed:
1) I Moore’s Triple C, Ian Moore; 2) K Pearson’s Quantum Classic, Karen Pearson; 3) M Brannigan’s Toome Cruising Jimmy, Michelle Brannigan; 4) Sheikh S Mirdad’s Mirdads LPM, Sheikh Samir Mirdad; 5) D Conlon’s Vicknakelly Vision, Denis O’Brien; 6) C Chambers’s Seapatrick Beachball, Catherine Chambers.

Power & Speed:
1) A Bailey’s Callie LVS Z, Alexandra Bailey; 2) L Carrick’s My Foxy Lass, Laura Carrick; 3) S Campbell’s Killymard Flight, Seamus Og Campbell; 4) F Thompson’s Curolea Roni, Fiona Thompson; 5) L Kennedy’s Dunsoughly Nelson, Lisa Kennedy; 6) C Drain’s Alaska-M, Catherine Drain.

POWER AND SPEED: Alexandra Bailey and ‘Callie LVS’, winners of the Power & Speed class, sponsored by Horse First, receiving their prize from committee member Margaret Fullerton at the Northern Ireland Outdoor Amateur Championship Show. (FW35-501NN)

Grand Prix:
1) C Drain’s Alaska-M, Catherine Drain; 2) B Cassidy’s Looks Easy, Brian Cassidy; 3) Sheikh S Mirdad’s Mirdads Freeedat Alrahmaaan, Sheikh Samir Mirdad; 4) P Dargan’s Temple Cruise, Peter Dargan; 5) C Chambers’s Seapatrick Beachball, Catherine Chambers; 6) T McClurkin’s Innocence, Taryn McClurkin.


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