Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy was guest commentator at LA Kings ice hockey match

Ron Burgundy? arriving for the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards at the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Ron Burgundy? arriving for the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards at the Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Actor Will Ferrell has made an appearance in the commentary box of an ice hockey game as his cult comedy character Ron Burgundy.

The Hollywood star dusted off his rollneck sweater and luxurious moustache from his Anchorman role to settle in as the Los Angeles Kings played San Jose Sharks on Thursday night.

His visit was not short on laughs.

“You and I shared a couple of Molsons,” he commented at one point, referencing the Canadian beer brand.

“I only had one,” came the reply from a co-commentator.

“You only had one and I had 15,” Ferrell joked.

“This is really a wonderful vantage point, you guys must never get sick of this. I myself feel a little bit nauseous and I hope I don’t throw up during the broadcast,” he later added.

At other times he appeared to simply invent proceedings.

“Shot on goal! He scores! Put that baby to bed without a diaper!” Ferrell yelled during an unremarkable passage of play in which nobody scored.

And Burgundy’s dog Baxter was there in spirit, if not in person.

“Baxter is wonderful, thank you for asking, Jared,” said Ferrell when asked about the pup.

“He’s put on a few pounds. He actually ate an entire ham last weekend. I don’t know how he possibly did it.”

Midway through the second quarter Ferrell was given a burrito and a glass of milk by LA Kings mascot Bailey the Lion, echoing two of the most famous scenes from the hit 2004 comedy.

“Than you so much, Bailey, I really appreciate that,” Ferrell said.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you in the hallway walking up here but you scared the living bejesus out of me. When a six-foot lion appears out of nowhere and doesn’t say anything, it’s weird.”

“Well, you’ve had experience with zoo animals before,” quipped co-commentator Alex Faust, referencing the movie’s climactic “bear pit” scene.

LA Kings won 4-2, an experience which clearly meant a lot to the fictional news anchor.

“I’ve done a lot of things in my life, a lot of things in my career, and this is truly in the top 1,000 things I’ve ever done in my life,” he said.

But the day wouldn’t have been complete without Burgundy’s famous sign-off.

“You stay class, Kings fans,” he said.


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