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FREESTYLE: Eithne O’Hanrahan won the Spirit Dancin’ Freestyle class in the Dressage at Home and International Virtual Christmas Dressage Show. (FW52-528NN)

THE Dressage at Home and International 2020 show season is complete! As a new company, they have been honoured to have had so many beautiful horses and riders strutting down that centre line. Every horse and rider who has joined them has made such positive memories in what they can only term a difficult year. That has been the beauty (and will continue to be with the next six-week lock down looming) of virtual dressage. The restrictions do not hinder Dressage at Home and International and riders can still compete freely in the safety of their own home. What more could one ask for in 2020?

Dressage at Home and International have had an amazing array of fabulous listed judges giving feedback and training tips each show. They have welcomed judges from all over Ireland and England and this has been a real treat for the competitors. Thank you to them all and for the amazing scribes.

INTRO: Chrissie Watson was placed in Santa’s Intro class in the Dressage at Home and International Virtual Christmas Dressage Show. (FW52-527NN)

Very well done to all of the riders in the Christmas Cracker Show on Saturday. For this show, they were extremely fortunate to add another judge to the books and cannot thank Jenny Johnson enough. Jenny has been exceptionally thorough in her feedback and tips – sincere thanks to her! There were certainly no corners cut in her feedback and all of the riders walked away with almost a free lesson from a top trainer and judge.

It was a tricky decision picking the spot prize for the most festive combination… Organisers couldn’t decide, so there are joint winners: congratulations to Saoirse Glavin Murphy and Isobelle Gould for getting into the Christmas spirit and embracing the antlers and bells!

The entries for the New Year show will open on Monday. Let’s start 2021 will more positive memories (especially as Northern Ireland is entering it in another lockdown) and continue doing what we love! Entries for the New Year show close on Friday, January 8 at 6.00pm. Keep an eye on the Dressage at Home and International facebook page for the tests and further details.

Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year!


Saturday, December 19

Virtual Christmas Dressage Show

Ring Two – Santa’s Intro: 1) Mary Ambrose, Beeba 70.3; 2) Natasha Gilchrist, Charlie 67.5; 3) Natasha Gilchrist, Indi 67.2; 4) Chrissie Watson, Sam 66.1; 5) Joanna Tarasewicz, Prince Harry Trotter 63.3.

Ring Three – Jingle Bells Newcomer’s Prelim: 1) Vicky McAleese, Chicago Warrior 67; 2) Emily Maneely, Rosie 64.4.

Ring Four – Rudolph’s Prelim: 1) Isobelle Gould, Foxy Furisto 73.4; 2) Janet Craig, Ollies Pride 70.6; 3) Emma Brown, Tullys Tina 70; 4) Sally Mullan, Frankie 68.2; 5) Charlotte Moore, Tully Valley 63; 6) Katie Clarke, Sue 62.6.

Ring Five – Holly Novice: 1) Victoria McCandless, Koolstyle 70.4; 2) Saoirse Glavin Murphy, Benny Ace 67; 3) Selina Forrester, Flick 66.

Ring Six – Tinsel Elementary: 1) Selina Forrester, Flick 61.4.

FESTIVE: A festive Emily Maneely came second in the Jingle Bells Newcomer’s Prelim class in the Dressage at Home and International Virtual Christmas Dressage Show. (FW52-526NN)

Ring Eight – Spirit Dancin’ Freestyle: 1) Eithne O’Hanrahan, Sam 71.4.


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