Annual Awards Night for Old Orchard Stables

Old Orchard Stables BR Farm
LINE UP: Old Orchard Stables Introduction Dressage awards went to Molly McConnell, Eva McConnell and Amelia Murphy. (FW14-526NN)

OLD Orchard Stables have held their Annual Awards Night, recognising the achievements of all members taking part in the dressage and show jumping leagues throughout the year. Nestled in the Armagh countryside and under the tutelage of proprietor Orlaith O’Hagan and her dedicated team, Old Orchard Stables have consistently nurtured equestrian skills to the maximum for all ages and abilities.

Everyone had a fantastic night out, with trophies and medals distributed, as well as some special awards in the fun section!

GO GIRLS: Award winning Old Orchard Stables lady riders. (FW14-525NN)



Introduction Dressage: 1) Molly McConnell; 2) Eva McConnell; 3) Amelia Murphy.

Beginners Preliminary Dressage: 1) Harriet O’Hagan; 2) Chloe McLaughlin; 3) Ellie Murphy.

Preliminary Dressage: 1) Julie McConnell; 2) Clare Mackle; 3) Nigel Hill.

Advanced Preliminary Dressage: 1) Alex Rollston-Webb; 2) Yvonne Zellman; 3) Ruby Zellman.


30cm: 1) Elyse Shaw; 2) Bobbi O’Hagan; 3) Harriet O’Hagan.

50cm: 1) Harriet O’Hagan; 2) Chloe McLaughlin; 3) Lilly Zwacker.

60cm: 1) Chloe McLaughlin; 2) Harriet O’Hagan; 3) Amelia Murphy.

70cm: 1) Eva McConnell; 2) Chloe McLaughlin; 3) Ellie Campbell.

80cm: 1) Molly McConnell; 2) Nigel Hill; 3) Claire Mackle.

90cm: 1) Tommy McCausland; 2) Emer Farrell.

1 metre: 1) Michael Kelly; 2) Shaunna Farrell.


Most Determined Rider – Junior: Chloe McLaughlin.

Senior: Ruby Kincannon.

Adult: Nuala Quinn.

Most Improved Rider – Junior: Molly McConnell.

Senior: Ellie Campbell.

Adult: Jackie McGee.

Most Improved on Young Pony – Junior: Ruby Zellman.

Most Improved on Young Horse – Adult: Nigel Hill.

Rider of the Year – Junior: Harriet O’Hagan.

Senior: Claire Mackle.

Adult: Josephine O’Connor.


Newcomers: Damien McCann; Emily Quinn; Katie Mackle.

Super Little Riders: Rebecca Murphy; Sam Rickard; Abbie Rickard.

Dossers of the Yard: Emer McGee; Stephanie Pollard.

Part-time Rider of the Year: Mel Campbell.

Leader of the Year: Ellie Campbell.

Once in a Blue Moon Rider: Nuala Quinn.

Cuddly Rider and Pony: Bobbi O’Hagan and ‘Naughty’.

Yard Employee of the Year: Tommy McCausland.

Yard Show Off: Shona McGee.

Yard Poser of the Year: Nigel Hill.

Best Fall of the Year: Chloe McLaughlin.

Yard Drama Queen: Katie Mackle.

Little Miss Perfect: Alex Rollston-Webb.

Yard Fairy Godmother: Siobhan McLaughlin.

SUPER: A delighted Rebecca Murphy, who was one of Old Orchard Stables Super Little Riders. (FW14-524NN)

Rain, Hail or Shine Rider of the Year: Stephen O’Hagan.


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