Another busy month for Kilkeel and District Riding Club

Kilkeel RC BR Farm
PONY GAMES: The Pink Fluffy Unicorns team of Molly McGinn and Emma Gillespie won the Pony Games at the Kilkeel and District Riding Club Easter Show. (FW27-520NN)

KILKEEL and District Riding Club brought in the month of April with a lovely fun ride around the local countryside. Many thanks to the Hanna family, who provided refreshments afterwards.

The club’s Easter Show was held on Saturday, April 20 at Charlie Wilson’s. Once again, the weather was in the club’s favour and everyone had an enjoyable day.

RUNNERS UP: The Rainbow Ponies team of Katie Niblock and Charley Hanna came second in the Pony Games at the Kilkeel and District Riding Club Easter Show. (FW27-519NN)

The day finished off with some pony games between the Rainbow Ponies team of Charley Hanna and Katie Niblock and the Pink Fluffy Unicorns team of Emma Gillespie and Molly McGinn. After some exciting games, the Pink Fluffy Unicorns just pipped the Rainbow Ponies at the post to take first place.

Many thanks to Charlie Wilson for providing refreshments and to anyone else who helped on the day.


Saturday, April 20


Cross-poles-60cm: 1) Katie Niblock, Millie 550 points.

60-75cm class: 1) Caroline Clingham, Angus 550 points; 2) Sonia Walker, Oscar 480 points.

75-90cm class: 1) Charley Hanna, Trigger 550 points (30:89secs clear); 2) Emma Gillespie, Summer 550 points (41:27secs clear); 3) Molly McGinn, Giggles 550 points (35:16secs 4f); 4) Kerrie Cunningham, Molly 550 points (39:87secs 4f); 5) Tierna Harper, Jessie 480 points; 6) Caroline Clingham, Angus 420 points.


Cross-poles-60cm: 1) Katie Niblock, Millie 510 points.

60-75cm: 1) Sonya Walker, Oscar 640 points.

75-90cm: 1) Charley Hanna, Hazy 930 points; 2) Emma Gillespie, Summer 850 points; 3) Molly McGinn, Giggles 830 points; 4) Caroline Clingham, Angus 770 points; 5) Rachel Baird, Pixie 340 points.


Juniors: 1) Charley Hanna, Hazy; 2) Emma Gillespie, Summer; 3) Molly McGinn, Giggles.

IN THE RIBBONS: High Jump Junior class winners, Charley Hanna on ‘Hazy’ (first); Emma Gillespie on ‘Summer’ (second) and Molly McGinn on ‘Giggles’ (third). (FW27-518NN)

Seniors: 1) Caroline Clingham, Angus; 2) Rachel Baird, Cisco.


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