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App allows farmers to monitor plants and water usage

Israeli company SupPlant has created a new app for mobiles that allows farmers to monitor their plots and control their water use.

SupPlant uses agronomic algorithms, sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology in order to achieve more resilient crops while saving on resources and increased yields.

With the new SupPlant DSS app, each farmer will be able to see the information of each plot, graphic displays of the past and future irrigation plans, hyper-local current and forecasted climatic data specific to each plot, agronomic insights, growth patterns of trunk and fruit, irrigation recommendations for today and a week ahead.

The mobile app will send real-time alerts to the farmer in case the plants show a high stress level as it continuously monitors plant stress.

In addition, it will alert when the soil is too moist or a technical malfunction as well as sending advance notice and recommendations for dealing with extreme weather conditions.

The future irrigation plans will be able to be controlled from the mobile app, specific to each plot. The app will also monitor the water budget throughout the season.

The mobile app is fed information from the cloud which communicates with sensors that are placed in five locations – deep soil, shallow soil, stem, leaf, fruit.

All the info helps the farmers make precise irrigation decisions determined autonomously based on the sensors and uploaded to an algorithm in the cloud every 30 minutes.



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