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Are you taking Actions for Nature?

Nearly nine in 10 people have spent more time in nature since lockdown, with 78 per cent noticing more birdsong and over half of people saying they would use their car less, according to the results of a new RSPB survey.

In July, the RSPB asked people across the UK to share what they had noticed and started to appreciate more in nature during lockdown.

Exploring the neighbourhood, hearing birdsong and spending time in nature were among the most popular things people shared.

Since lockdown started, it’s been a unique time for most of us. It has been a year unlike any other and, more than ever, we’ve seen how important the natural world is to our wellbeing.

Adam Murray, Head of Community Empowerment at the RSPB, said: “We were delighted to discover the huge variety of things that people hold close to their hearts.

“From hearing birdsong in their local park and meeting neighbours – both human and wildlife – to enjoying quieter roads and cleaner air.

“But while our lives have changed, the threats to nature have not gone away.”

To embrace the public’s renewed appreciation for nature and inspire more people to make a difference, the RSPB is asking the public to share how they are taking #ActionsForNature.

Adam added: “We know that people are taking some amazing individual actions for nature – from taking part in wildlife surveys to creating art inspired by nature, from building homes for wildlife to getting involved in local community action and trying to live more sustainably.

“We want to hear how you are taking actions for nature. Your story might just be that little spark that motivates someone else to take action for nature too.”

There has been plenty of interest from people across Northern Ireland getting involved in taking Actions for Nature, including 18-year-old environmental activist Jasmijn Hofman.

“I have been campaigning with the Youth Climate Association Northern Ireland since February 2019,” said Jasmijn.

“Since I became a campaigner, I have also supported UK Youth for Nature and the UK Youth Climate Coalition, as well as volunteering with RPSB as part of both their Youth Council and at the Window on Wildlife reserve in Belfast.

“Taking action for nature by campaigning can be challenging, but it’s also really rewarding too.

“Maintaining your dedication when you feel powerless against governments and companies that don’t listen is hard, but that feeling of powerless disappears when a campaign works out!

“I don’t know if anything will ever beat the feeling of turning up to the Global Climate Strike in Belfast last September to be met by 7,000 passionate people who were willing to stand with me to demand change.

“My advice to anyone wanting a new way to take action for nature is to get involved!”

To get involved, visit and share your stories and pictures. Share the campaign with friends and family using #ActionsforNature on social media

n Your story could feature in the big list of #ActionsforNature that the RSPB will showcase on its social media channels and website to help encourage more people to do their bit too.



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