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Area 17 makes its mark on The Pony Club Championships 2021

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VERY many Area 17 (Northern Ireland) Pony Club members qualified for the northern Region and UK Championships this year. A very exciting happening, as there were no Regional Championships last year and no UK Championships for two years.

Despite delight at qualifying, the paperwork and veterinary inspections now needed, gave parents a lot of work but they all managed to cope with it.

The Regional Championships were in Perthshire at Auchlishie Kirriemuir from August 6 to 8. At the start, there was very heavy rain, but luckily the sandy soil drained well. The first day was show jumping, with 26 teams taking part.

In the first round, many rode carefully but at a decent pace, but were given undeserved time faults, which were then removed. It was due to a computer error!

The Iveagh Dutch Rabbit team went clear and fast to win, while the Iveagh White Leopards came fifth and the Iveagh Dalmations came ninth, while the Tullylagan A team was 11th. There were also Mid Antrim, East Down and Killultagh teams competing. In the Individuals, North Down member Charlotte Keers came second and Sarah Gilchrist representing East Down was fourth.

In Dressage, the East Down team came third.

The Eventing was the last competition and the weather had improved. The East Down team came fourth, the Iveagh Woodpeckers were fifth, the Iveagh Magpies were eighth and the Tullylagan Vipers were just out of the ribbons. A good achievement for Area 17!

All went well for the Area 17 competitors and they made their supporters very proud of them – they came home with over 30 rosettes!

Alex and Beth Phillips and Beth Wishart did not return home after the Regionals, as they had to travel on to the Tetrathlon Championships at Offchurch, which ran from August 13 to 15, where they as a Junior Girls team came fifth. There were 100 competitors. Individually, Laura Taylor North Down came 21st and Beth Phillips 22nd.

In the Open Girls competition, Connie Crother (Iveagh) came 14th, but was third in her run, so got a Bronze medal and Sophia Williams (Seskinore) came 19th but was fourth in her run.

In the Intermediate Boys, Callum and Robert Fitzgerald (Iveagh) both went well and clear cross-country. In the Junior Boys, Patrick Williams (Seskinore) came an amazing second with the best run and kindly lent a pony to Lorne Walsh (Iveagh), who came 20th. Area 17 was very proud of all of them.

There was also a Polocrosse competition and two North Down members, Eloise Keers and Max Lewis, joined a North Warwickshire team to come third. It was good to see polocrosse getting going again in Area 17.


The National UK Championships (August 17 to 22) had moved from Chomondeley to Offchurch, near Leamington Spa – a very good site, with lots of room for the events, parking and camping. It was good that they could hold the Tetrathlon on the same site. The weather was less wet than that at Kirrimuir.

The first day was Dressage, with 29 Novice teams participating. The Iveagh Zebras were not placed, but Hollie Donnan on ‘Hilloughter Nugget’ was placed first in her Arena and went on to win the ride off, so became the Novice Dressage Champion. Everyone was thrilled that an Iveagh and Area 17 member could do the best dressage! Hollie was awarded two sashes. Anna McEleenan (Killultagh) placed second individually on ‘Raford Jag’ in Arena E.

The next day was Show jumping. In the Novice Championships, there were 52 teams. The Iveagh Magpies on jumping scores were equal third, but they used time taken and, although they had no time faults, they dropped down to eighth. The course was not easy and the Iveagh Penguins and East Antrims went well, but were unplaced.

In the Open Novice class, Claire Ireland on ‘Going For Gold’ representing North Down was fifth.

In the Intermediate Show jumping Championships there were 27 teams. The Iveagh team came eighth, but won the Team Horsemanship, which was super. The East Down team came 10th and Emma Irwin on ‘FSH Lets Tango’ (Iveagh) was placed fourth in the individual and placed second in the Individual Horsemanship Award – her second Horsemanship Award!

In the Open Show jumping Championship, Victoria Lee on ‘Duffy’ was second in the Individual class. In the Team Championship, there were 21 teams and the Iveagh team were the only team to jump clear in the first round over a very demanding course. In the second round, four teams were eliminated, but the Iveaghs went well enough to remain in the lead and became Open show jumping Champions.

A big thank you must go to Micky McCann, who helps so much – especially with a difficult course and encourages all the members so much. He is such a wonderful help! All the supporters were delighted with this result.

The Eventing took place over three days. The Novice Championships were first – there were four Area 17 teams, Mid Antrim, Killultagh and two Iveagh teams, none of which were placed in the 37 teams in the team competition. In the Individual competition, Rosie Herron (Killultagh) came first in her Arena and Julia Herron came sixth on a three man team. Grace Moore (Mid Antrim) was eighth and Katie Robinson (Iveagh) was 10th.

In the Open Novice class, Victoria Lee on ‘Chilled Bud’ came fourth to win her fourth rosette at the Championships.

In the Intermediate Championships, of the 33 teams, 12 were eliminated. Individually, Charlotte Keys (North Down) gained an amazing second place, Hannah Thompson (Mid Antrim) was sixth and Bethany Smith (Iveagh) was eighth. The Iveagh Holsteins team was the highest placed team from Area 17.

After a busy and enjoyable visit to Offchurch and a super experience for all of Area 17 and their supporters, they left with over 30 rosettes, several cups and at least six sashes. A wonderful visit for all!



Show Jumping

Teams: 1) Iveagh Dutch Rabbits: Jennifer Tate, Tooksbride Rachel; Beth Phillips, Flash; Tilley Tumilty, Millbarr Phynyx; Harry Purdy, Millan Belle; 5) Iveagh White Leopards: Amy Burke, Killyquin Robin; Alex Phillips, Lady; Claudia Wilson, Thatcher; Ellie Rose Livingstone, Cashala.

Individuals: 2) Charlotte Keers (North Down); 4) Sarah Gilchrist, Hazeldene Migatey Max (East Down).


Teams: 3) East Down: Molly Goodwin, Tooksbride Rachel; Charlotte Glinn, Chequenen Water Lum; Mya McMullen, Springhill Quickstep.

Individuals: 1) Molly Goodwin, Tooksbride Rachel (East Down); 3) Catherine Cowan, Lady Remarque (Iveagh); 5) Megan Rooney (Killultagh); 8) Charlotte Glinn, Chequenen Water Lum (East Down).

Teams: 4) East Down: Jennifer Gichrist, Lackamore Vandance; Sara Gilchrist, Hazeldene Migret Max; Emma Burns, Bone Castel Lass; Ellen McNaas, Little Blackaird; 5) Iveagh Woodpeckers: Ellie Hynds, Willow; Alex Phillips, Lady; Lucy Orr, Jazzy Susie; 8) Iveagh Magpies: Beth Wishart, Annagael Bluebell; Beth Phillips, Flash; Ellie Rose Livingstone, Cashala.

Individuals – Arena A: Catherine Cowan, Lady Remarque (Iveagh).

Arena B: Sarah Gilchrist (East Down).

Arena C: Emma Burns (East Down); Ellie Rose Livingstone (Iveagh).

Arena D: 1) Jo Henry McCool, Redmond Diamond Dick (Mid Antrim); 3) Lucy Orr (Iveagh); 5) Aoife Malloin, Bayview Lady (Tullylagan).


Junior Girls Teams: 5) Iveagh: Alex Phillips; Beth Phillips; Beth Wishart.

Individuals: 21) Laura Taylor (North Down); 22) Beth Phillips (Iveagh).

Open Girls: 14) Connie Crother (Iveagh); 19) Sophia Williams (Seskinore).

Junior Boys: 2) Patrick Williams (Seskinore); 20) Lorne Walsh (Iveagh).

Polocrosse: 3) Mixed team: Eloise Keers and Max Lewis (North Down) with North Warwickshire members.



Novice Individual: 1) Hollie Donnan (Iveagh) – Novice Dressage Champion.

Arena E: 2) Anna McEleenan, Raford Jag (Killultagh).

Show Jumping

Novice: 8) Iveagh Magpies: Lucy Donnan, Greenaun Russell; Charlotte Betts, Akaroa Bittersweet; Rosalind Moorhead, Seapatrick Beachball; Katie McCombe, Afandou.

Open Novice: 5) Claire Ireland, Going For Gold (North Down).


Teams: 8) Iveagh (Horsemanship Winners): Emma Irwin, FSH Lets Tango; Ella Herron, Dam Bay; Charlotte Patterson, Ballyrobin Black Phantom; Bethany Smith, Dun Surprise; 10) East Down.

Individuals: 4) Emma Irwin, FSH Lets Tango (Iveagh) – second in Individual Horsemanship.


Teams: 1) Iveagh: Finn Osborne, Chicco Camiro; Meabh McIlduff, Dalstone Dun And Dusted; Sadie McMahon, Cillian Coevens; Victoria Lee, Duffy – Open Show Jumping Champions.

Individual: 2) Victoria Lee, Duffy (Iveagh).



Individuals: 1) Rosie Herron (Killultagh); 6) Julia Herron (Killultagh); 8) Grace Moore (Mid Antrim); 10) Katie Robinson (Iveagh).

Open Novice

Individuals: 4) Victoria Lee, Chilled Bud (Iveagh).


Teams: Iveagh Holsteins: Victoria Lee, Top Aviatar; Sadie McMahon, Chillian Coeven; Bethany Smith, Dun Suprise; Abby McMillan, The Winged Man.

Individuals: 2) Charlotte Keys (North Down); 6) Hannah Thompson (Mid Antrim); 8) Bethany Smith (Iveagh).

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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