Armagh Poultry Club inaugural show

Ducks 19-12-19 SM Farm

After months of hard work by our secretary and committee, we finally got a venue and sponsors for our first club show on Saturday, December 14, at Gosford.

The committee secured sponsorship from Moneyrea Electrics, which supplied all the prize cards; Killen Hardware the shavings; Honey Hill the rosettes; Frazier Feeds the championship bags of meal; ID Signs and Graphics, Glenanne, donated the signage; Farrell Brothers Joinery, Markethill, supplied the frameworks; and A Embroidery, Armagh, jackets and shirts.

The beautiful cups on display where kindly sponsored by the following:

Champion Cup – Eugene Mallon; Reserve Cup – TBC; Champion SFH Large – Dermot Gardiner; Champion SFH Bantam – M&R Neill; Champion SFL Large – in memory of Robin Dalzell, MBE; Champion SFL Bantam – Beatties Pet Feeds; Champion True Bantam – Frazers Farm Feeds; Champion Rare Breed – William Moorcroft; Champion Waterfowl – Silverhill Farm; Champion HF Large – A&R Shaw; Champion HF Bantam – Gareth Ingram; Champion Turkey – Speers Turkeys; Champion Trio – Dermot Gardiner; Champion Juvenile – Edwards family; Champion Eggs – Skea Eggs; Champion Photo & Art – WEG McCartney.

The show would not have been a success but for the support of the local poultry people. It was great to see over 45 exhibitors turn up on the day and show off an entry of over 540 birds, which delighted the Lord Mayor and councilors who attended from the ABC council.

The atmosphere at the show was very relaxed and a Christmas theme with a tree and lights around the cages added to the festive occasion.

With all the birds in the cages, it was time for the judges and their stewards to get started. Hugh Thompson judged the heavies and lights, Gordon Walker the true bantams and some lights, and Robert Getty the waterfowl, juvenile, rare, eggs and art classes.

After a short break and a bite of lunch, it was time for the Champion and Reserve to be picked.

Show Champion – Adams & McLaren, Light Sussex Bantam;

Reserve Show Champion – D&M Gillespie, Saxony Duck;

Champion True Bantam – Sam Forbes, Silver Dutch;

Champion S/F Heavy Large – Adams & McLaren;

Champion S/F Bantam Heavy – Adams & McLaren;

Champion S/F Light Large – J Weatherup, Hamburg Male;

Champion S/F Bantam Light – J Weatherup, Poland Pullet;

Champion Hard Feather Large – Adams & McLaren, Carlisle Game;

Champion Hard Feather Bantam – Adams & McLaren, OEG Pullet;

Champion Waterfowl – D&M Gillespie, Saxony Duck;

Champion Rare Breed – William Moorcroft, Lakenvelder Bantam;

Champion Turkey – McKibbin family;

Champion Eggs – Andrew Kerr;

Champion Juvenile – Ellie Hurst, German Langshan;

Champion Photo & Art – Grace Gallagher.

n Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to photographer Bo Davison who gave up his morning to come and take pictures for us – much appreciated.

The committee would like to thank everyone who helped with the show, especially the non–committee members that came and helped to put up and take down the cages.

n We look forward to the club going from strength to strength. Watch out for further updates on our Facebook page.


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