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Art Competition results for week two

This week, to start with, we have one I forgot from last week. Age 6-10 – Second Place Drawing, Thomas Hamill.

The other pictures are firstly from Miss Kiera McGarry from her brilliant Hatch Club, which you will hear more about in a future issue.

Kiera is well known in the exhibition world, especially with her Silkies. However, this time these pictures and photos are from her pupils in Ballymena Academy.

School was never this much fun when I was there, even though it was quite a while ago.

Drawing class

1, Imogen Brown; 2, Katy Hall; 3, Eva McClintock.


1, Oliver Marks; 2, Samantha Lamont; 3, Amy Irwin.

A quick move across the country to Mr Matthew Neill’s class. He is continuing his teaching practise in Bocombra Primary School in Craigavon with a class of P6 pupils.

Matthew is, of course, the son of David Neill, one third of the poultry pen team. Matthew challenged his pupils with a more spring theme and the entries are fantastic and bright.

These are the top three – 1, Olivia; 2, Klaudia; 3, Dylan.

Thanks for these school entries. Next week we have one more school and to finish the competition we will have the adult class.



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