Asda Newtownards colleagues James and Deborah go the extra mile

Asda helpers SM Farm

Two Asda Newtownards colleagues, James Keenan and Deborah Parsley, have both made a positive impact on local customers’ lives during the coronavirus outbreak – helping them feel at ease in store.

James explained what happened: “I saw Katie was struggling with the amount of shopping she had, so I offered to pack out her groceries to make things a little easier.

“She told me the shop was for Newtownards Foodbank and that she now purchases a lot more than she did before Covid-19.

“I helped her pack the items and made a small donation towards the shop as she realised she didn’t have enough to cover the full amount.

“It’s important to recognise you never know when you might need these services – so I am always happy to help in any way I can.”

Katie Graden Spence thanked James. She said: “I work for Newtownards Foodbank and have been doing several large shops.

“I struggle with anxiety and shopping is a lot more stressful now. I was touched by the kindness of James, who was so caring and considerate. Thank you for putting me at ease!”

Deborah Parsley, Asda Newtownards Customer Services colleague, helped make an elderly customer feel at ease during her visit to the store.

Deborah said: “I noticed the customer was struggling at the front door.

“The battery was dead on her mobility scooter, so I brought her out another one and made sure she was happy before entering the store.

“She had looked so distressed and I wanted to make sure her visit to the store was as enjoyable as it could be.

“The lady did her shop and left me a lovely bunch of flowers at Customer Services to say thank you – I couldn’t believe it, it was so kind.

“It really is so important we make customers feel at ease in store, especially our elderly customers who may be a little more anxious during this time.”


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