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Autumn Dressage League continues at Ardnacashel

WEEK two of the six-week dressage league took place at Ardnacashel Equestrian, Comber on Sunday, October 10. The two rings were busy with a packed schedule of tests, ably judged by Coreen Abernethy and Fiona Young.

Ring one started with Intro Junior, which was won by Poppy Smith on her pony ‘Haywards Lasting Impression’, riding their first dressage test and scoring an extremely impressive 73.5%. The Senior riders followed in the Intro class, with Kerry Dickson winning with a fantastic 77.6% on ‘A Stolen Star’.

Lucy Donnan took the honours in the Newcomers class with ‘Killoughter Nugget’; Niamh Rooney won Prelim Junior I with ‘Toffee’ and Helen Andrews on ‘April Pizzazz’ took home the red rosette for Prelim Senior I.

Ring two started with a large turnout for Prelim Senior II, with Gayle Connery on ‘Bailey’ taking the class. In the Elementary class, Andrew Greer with the super consistent ‘Sharp Object’ won the class also taking the honours for Novice, repeating his fantastic results from the week before. The very popular four and five-year-old class was won by Shenade Duggan on ‘Henry’.

Organisers would like to thank the judges, who provided feedback and a friendly word to all the competitors. Entries for week three are open on the Ardnacashel website and organisers look forward to seeing all the league competitors over the course of this six-week league, with a range of prizes including rugs for the finalists.

Photographs were taken on the day by Hannah Jane Equine Photography.


Sunday, October 10

Dressage league – week two

INTRO JUNIOR: 1) Poppy Smith, Haywards Lasting Impression; 2) Maisie Elliott, Bubba.

INTRO SENIOR: 1) Kerry Dickson, A Stolen Star; 2) Jackie Flynn, Meikle Dumbledore; 3) Judith McCord, Woodford Diamond; 4) Rachel Rendell, Woodford Diamond; 5) Suzanne Cobain, Nora; 6) Sandra Campbell, Rosog Jodi.

NEWCOMERS: 1) Lucy Donnan, Killoughter Nugget; 2) Vicky Warnock, Buzz; 3) Molly Rooney, Skylark Molly; 4) Alice Gilmour, Harvey Moon.

PRELIM JUNIOR: 1) Niamh Rooney, Toffee; 2) Holly Donnan, Bob; 3) Abbie Connor, Clohan Glory; 4) Robyn McMurray, Rocco Banana Man.

PRELIM SENIOR I: 1) Helen Andrews, April Pizzazz; 2) Lisa Torrens, Gerrit VDL; 3) Sophie Anstey, Nesbitt; 4) Sharon Madine, Miguel Angel.

PRELIM SENIOR II: 1) Gayle Connery, Bailey; 2) Aisleen Keenan, Uisce Beatha; 3) Gemma Rodgers, Oscar; 4) Janice Reddy, Barbie; 5) Emma Graham, Flashy; 6) Janice Reddy, A Stolen Star.

NOVICE: 1) Andrew Greer, Sharp Object; 2) Reese Hogg, Smythy; 3) Katie Watson, Lissyegan Bay News; 4) Olivia Courtney, Moo; 5) Ellie Miskelly, Ballagh Rebel.

Four and Five-Year-Olds: 1) Shenade Duggan, Henry; 2) Claire Forsythe, Western Warrior; 3) Hannah McCoosh, Nera; 4) Janice Reddy, Amber; 5) Jacqui Porter, Clara.

ELEMENTARY: 1) Andrew Greer, Sharp Object; 2) Reese Hogg, Smythy; 3) Victoria McCandless, Koolstyle; 4) Holly Donnan, Killoughter Nugget.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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