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Autumn jumping series underway at Lusk’s

THE first of the Autumn series of unregistered show jumping at Lusk’s, Carr, Lisburn, began on Sunday, August 30 with start times for everyone to comply with the Covid protocol.

The show was well supported in every class, with the 95cm the most popular on the day. The competitions were run on a two-phase system, with the second round timed, which decided the rosettes and prize money. The day produced some exciting jumping and those who made the necessary turns against the clock showed just how it should be done.

Lusk’s second show on September 6 was again well attended, with the total entry fee in the 85cm class being donated to the Beth McGurk fund.

Show jumping continues next Sunday, with entries to Katy Saunders by Friday lunchtime for the six classes, which run from 65cm up to 1.15m.

The courses will provide a wonderful school for those coming to the Knockany event on September 19.


Autumn series of unregistered show jumping at Lusk’s

Sunday, August 30

Class 1 – 65cm: 1) Holly’s Dream Flight, Hannah Catterall; 2) Jori, Kat McQuillan; 3) Little Black Beauty, Janine Austin; 4) Mighty Meeko, HannahTrimble; 5) Over Ice, Nicola Munroe; 6) Loop Lily, Chloe Hamilton; 7) Vinne, Alex Hemsley.

Class 2 – 75cm: 1) Houdini, Ruby Kinkaid; 2) Lippy, Karen Carnduff; 3) April, Lara McRobb; 4) JB, Clare Steele; 5) Storm, Fiona Magowan; 6) Freedom, Fiona Magowan.

Class 3 – 85cm: 1) Solitaire, Johanna Herron; 2) Lady, Rory Kinnear; 3) Paddy, Molly McCloy; 4) Arctic Eclipse, Robyn Catterall; 5) Knock Ash Willis, Riona Savage; 6) AC Drummer, Lucy Crawford.

Class 4 – 95cm: 1) Little Miss Mollie, Kathryn Finlay; 2) Millyard Bobster, Beth Taylor; 3) Killy, Emma Wallace; 4) Flicka, Lara McRobb; 5) Arctic Eclipse, Robyn Catterall; 6) Archie, Helen Pannell.

Class 5 – 1.05m: 1) Danske Coevers Lass, Nikki Cullen; 2) Little Miss Mollie, Kathryn Finlay; 3) Heolas Queen Anne, Kodie Clarke; 4) Murphy, Kathryn McKibbin; 5) Boris, Kathryn Graham; 6) Ted, Jemma Parkhill.

Class 6 – 1.15m: 1) Wolff, Alex Clelland; 2) Boris, Kathryn Graham; 3) Murphy, Kathryn McKibbin; 4) Heolas Queen Anne, Kodie Clarke; 5) Indian Dreamer, Katie O’Reilly.

Sunday, September 6

Class 1 – 65cm: 1) Mountcaufield Sadie Rose, Jennifer Gilchrist; 2) Blackbird, Cara MacNabb; 3) Mighty Meeko, Hannah Trimble; 4) Hazeldene Mighty Max, Sarah Gilchrist; 5) Harrison, Ben Plunkett; 6) BB, Emma Plunkett.

Class 2 – 75cm: 1) Knockash Willis, Riona Savage; 2) Willow, Rhys Hynds; 3) Rafa, Mia Dickson; 4) Sandy, Suzanne Hagan; 5) Candy, Lorraine Kennedy; 6) Rory, Tara Moneypenny.

Class 3 – 85cm: 1) Solitaire, Johanna Herron; 2) Tia, Alix Robinson; 3) Tilly, Claire Smyth; 4) Knockash Willis, Riona Savage; 5) Cody, Jess Vaughan; 6) Rafa, Mia Dickson.

Class 4 – 95cm: 1) Tango, Nikki Cullen; 2) Killy, Emma Wallace; 3) Holiday Last Stand, Zara Sharvin; 4) Stevie, Gwen Scott; 5) Carsonstown Porsch, Lyndsey Napier-Sneddon; 6) Little Miss Mollie, Kathryn Finlay.

Class 5 – 1.05m: 1) Red Curacao, Alix Clarke; 2) Killy, Emma Wallace; 3) Elsa, Kerry Parkhill; 4) Joe Joe, Sam Ross.

Class 6 – 1.15m: 1) Carrickview Flamenco, Victoria Clarke; 2) Clerkson, Hannah Blakely; 3) Prince, Alix Robinson; 4) Mr Tip, Joshua Russell.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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