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Autumn/Winter virtual dressage league kicks off

DRESSAGE at Home and International have just started their new Autumn/ Winter League and have a whole new schedule and range of classes. There are now classes for every age, stage and discipline included in the packed schedule! There are classes for lead rein and juniors, including dressage and jumping; those for the higher level dressage riders with tests going up to Advanced Medium Dressage; a Freestyle to Music class; Jumping classes; breed and age classes from Cobs, Racehorse to Riding, Native Breeds, Young Horses, Veterans and Natives.

Upon rider’s requests, they have now also included a range of Showing classes from In-Hand showing to Ridden to Traditional Cobs. It certainly will have a class suitable for each rider!

Each show week also has a quirky theme to help add a little extra excitement to the idea of show week, with their next show on Saturday, October 23 having a spooky festive Hallowe’en theme. They have also included charity fundraiser weeks, fancy dress, lotto, pairs music, matchy-matchy and top placed Champion weeks!

The team at Dressage at Home and International are delighted to begin their sixth league since beginning the company during lockdown.

“It really helps motivate and encourage riders, especially through those darker, colder days of winter. We have listed judges from all over the world providing quality feedback to our riders, so they can compete and progress with their training at the same time,” a representative said.

The company have teamed up with Bluegrass Horse Feeds as an official sponsor and the league prizes never disappoint! For every show, each rider receives a three-tier rosette and their test sheet through the post, so they can literally get to compete with riders from all across the world without leaving the comfort of their own yard!

If you are interested in joining the team at Dressage at Home and International, please forward all enquiries to Emma Hobson via the website:, through their Facebook page or call 07805 901744. They look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on board!


The show dates for the Autumn/ Winter League are as follows (videos need to be sent in prior to these dates):

Week Two: Saturday, October 23

Week Three: Saturday, November 6

Week Four: Saturday, November 20

Week Five: Saturday, December 4

Week Six: Saturday, December 18

Week Seven: Saturday, January 15

Week Eight (FINAL): Saturday, February 5

Show One

The riders at Dressage at Home and International definitely shortened up those reins and hooves hit the ground trotting for the first show of the Autumn/ Winter League.

A warm welcome was extended to the judges from all over the globe, returning to provide the riders with first class feedback. Lots of riders returned from previous leagues and the show had a wealth of new riders and horses joining them for their first time. It was also fantastic to see competitors supporting and enjoying the variety of new classes and disciplines!

For week one, the company had a ‘Wear it Red’ charity week to support the charity, Horse Powered Take Off in aid of Air Ambulance NI. It was fantastic to see so many riders coming together to help support such an amazing charity that works to save lives.

The next show is on October 23. Videos and entries are now open and the deadline for all videos is Friday, October 22 at 6.00pm. This show has a special Halowe’en theme and there are already lots of riders out, who have been working hard designing costumes. There are some special rosettes and prizes for the best costumes.

Well done and congratulations to all of the riders.


Autumn/ Winter League – week one

Class 1 – Lead Rein Dressage: 1) Robert Duffy, Bluey Gurtenny 67.6; 2) Aoibheann Duffy, Bluey Gurtenny 66.7; 3) Millie Hanna, Lily 58.6.

Class 4 – Junior Dressage: 1) Ruby O’Halloran, Rambo 66.3; 2) Caoimhe Ellis, Trigger 65; 3) Chloe Matthews, Oreo 62.9; 4) Grace Stewart, Jakey 61.6; 5) Lewis McConnell, Ballamy 61.1.

Class 4 – Para Dressage: 1) Tim McCarthy, Silver Princess 53.9.

Class 5 – Walk Only Dressage: 1) Holly Reilly, Alfie 70; 2) Nic Shaw, Rory 63.5.

Class 6 – Introductory Dressage: 1) Angela Hutchinson, Knocknahunna Oscar 74.47; 2) Dawn Hass, Broadway Padre 73.95; 3) Connie England, Aprico’s Delgado 71.58; 4) Anna Danska, Ivy 68.68; 5) Jane Waugh, Freddie 68.42; 6) Mary McCauley, Charlie 66.58; 7) Susie Horan, Jane 66.05; 8) Shona Purdy, Charlie 63.16.

Class 7 – Introductory Dressage – Seniors: 1) Lorna Glendinning, LR Clancy 72.11; 2) Dawn Hass, Broadway Padre 68.9; 3) Alison Hardesty, Porsha 67.63; 4) Frankie Knipe, Cultara Duet 67.11; 5) Nic Shaw, Rhubarb 58.42.

Class 8 – Newcomers’ Preliminary Section A: 1) Nicola Clarke, Nova 69.8; 2) Alan Gilchrist, Brax 68; 3) Natasha Gilchrist, Indi 66.2; 4) Jasmine Baker, Amber 63; Ashley Neely, Barcony Dallas H/C.

Class 8 – Newcomers’ Preliminary Section B: 1) Ali-May Conroy, Nelly 68.8; 2) Katie Clarke, Sue 66.8; 3) Sylvia Cole, Carrakelly 63; 4) Sarah Heron Sprite, 61.8.

Class 9 – Preliminary: 1) Barbara Henderson, Lady Caldbrook 73.4; 2) Angela Hutchinson, Knocknahunna Oscar 73; 3) Isobelle Gould, Foxy Furisto 72; 4) Sara Gauley, Benny Boy 71.6; 5) Kerry Isom, Zilakami 70.4; 6) Liadain Conroy, Luacha Dun 66.8; 7) Noreen McMaster, Indie 66.2; 8) Connie England, Aprico’s Delgado 65.6.

Class 10 – Novice: 1) Max Isom, Zilakami 67.6; 2) Diana Cody, Ruby 67.2; 3) Maeve Lunny, JoJo 66.2.

Class 11 – Elementary: No result.

Class 12 – Medium: 1) Lana Cheney, Casper 68.1.

Class 14 – RoR Dressage: 1) Marie Halstead, Not Bad Lad Stryder 67.89.

Class 15 – Veterans Dressage: 1) Caoimhe Peters, Filly Folly 70.79; 2) Zoya Robinson, Chandler King of Kilmoriarty 70.26; 3) Susie Horan, Jane 66.05.

Class 16 – Young Horse: 1) Heidi Jorgensen, Galito 74.74; 2) Kate Kukko, Silken Isla 71.8.

Class 17 – Cobs Can: 1) Julie McKane, Count Guinness 67.63.

Class 22 – Pole Vault: 1) Emer Howard, Lolly 64.5.

Class 23 – Working Hunter: 1) Alison Hardesty, Porsha 72.7.

Class 24 – In-Hand Showing: 1) Jill Little, Rocky B 71.3.

Class 25 – Ridden Showing: 1) Angela Hutchinson, Knocknahunna Oscar 68.8.

Class 29 – Freestyle to Music – Introductory: 1) Amy McGarvey, Charmonix Rough Diamond 81.25; 2) Dot Tindal, Redwood Ronaldo 74.75; 3) Vicky Lacey, Southway Sparkling Champagne 74.5.

Class 29 – Freestyle to Music – Preliminary: 1) Amy McGarvey, Charmonix Rough Diamond 79.17.

Class 29 – Freestyle to Music – Novice: 1) Vicky Lacey, Brynithon Madeline 74.32.

Class 30 – Bloopers: 1) Heidi Jorgensen, Galito; 2) Dot Tindal, Redwood Ronaldo; 3) Amy McGarvey, Charmonix Rough Diamond.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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