Ayrshires popular with crowds half a century ago

INSPECTION: Carrickblacker Magnolia comes under scrutiny in the farmyard

FOR those people with a love of cattle, a visit to a really good herd of Ayrshires is something of a treat! Recently a party of such people had the privilege of visiting ‘our’ Ravenhill Herd, owned by John and Caroline Suffern, for a judging seminar.

ADDRESS: Those gathered heard Mr R. Dunlop of Castle Douglas give an interesting commentary on selected cattle.

This week we are turning the clock back to that other World Cup Year of 1966 … but that’s enough about football! On Saturday, August 26, 1966, many farmers travelled to a farm off Portadown’s Gilford Road, the home of the Carrickblacker Herd of pedigree Ayrshire cattle owned by Mr AM Nicholson. Today, almost 52 years on, we provide some old photographs to remind us of that special day.

VISIT TO AYRSHIRE HERD: Recently visitors enjoyed a trip to the home of the Ravenhill Herd. This week we remember a visit to the Carrickblacker Herd back in the year of 1966. Picture
VETERAN MILKER: Carrickblacker Petunia takes a rest on the day of the Carrickblacker Herd Visit.


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