Back to back wins for Heather and Bailey at Lisbane Farm

Lisbane Farm BR Farm
WELL DONE: Toni Quail, who rode ‘Tullymurray Susie’, receiving her prize for winning the 1m two-phase class at Lisbane Farm from Jane Allen-Collins of class sponsor, Lougherne Stud Performance Horses. (FW35-554NN)

FOLLOWING her win in the Kingsfield Haylage three-phase 90cm class at Lisbane Farm, Saintfield, the previous week, Heather Fulton riding ‘Molton Crown’ led the dressage once more, this time in the Lougherne Stud Performance Horses sponsored metre class to take home back to back wins in two outings!

Similarly, Bailey Dunn on board ‘Bug’ repeated her previous week’s performance by taking the honours in the Baileys Horse Feeds 75cm two-phase class, showing their consistency.

BACK TO BACK WINS: Heather Fulton on ‘Molton Crown’, winner of the Lougherne Stud Performance Horses 1m three-phase class at Lisbane Farm, giving her back to back wins at the venue. (FW35-553NN)

Well done to all the competitors.

The Jump Cross continues at Lisbane Farm each Tuesday evening until September 10. Watch out for news of the forthcoming Autumn programme. Go As You Please will continue every Saturday and Sunday afternoon throughout the winter. To book in or make enquiries, contact Eric Pele on 07971 146505.


Sunday, August 25

Lisbane Farm Event

Baileys Horse Feeds 75cm two-phase:

1) Bailey Dunn, Bug; 2) Kaitlyn Kearns, Tubbervale Jacob; 3) Ella Morrison, Indian Summer; 4) Kim Dunn, Oreo; =5) Miriam Wright, Castle Town Lad; =5) Megan Mullen, Donnie.

Baileys Horse Feed 80cm three-phase:

1) Hannah Blakeley, Lougherne Postman Pat; 2) Lyndsey Adams, Loguestown Papaver; 3) Gemma Goodrich, Bear; 4) Gemma Goodrich, Hayley’s Hero; 5) Cathy Campbell, Quincy.

Kingsfield Haylage 90cm two-phase:

1) Kathryn McCaughan, Monsoon; 2) Emily Corbett, Poppy.

Kingsfield Haylage 90cm three-phase:

1) Cathy Campbell, Foreign Affair; 2) Olivia Byrne, Buck Rodgers; 3) Hannah McCrory, Mr Max; 4) Emily Walker, Lady Saphira.

Lougherne Stud Performance Horses 1m two-phase:

1) Toni Quail, Tullymurray Susie.

Lougherne Stud Performance Horses 1m three-phase:

ON FORM: Right, Hannah Blakeley on ‘Lougherne Postman Pat’, winner of the Baileys Horse Feed 80cm three-phase class at Lisbane Farm. This is a four-year-old potential top show jumping pony out of a ‘Quidam de Revel’ dam. (FW35-552NN)

1) Heather Fulton, Molton Crown; 2) Erin Gabbie, Catalina Rascal; 3) Ellie Parkhill, Mac.


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