Ballymena Poultry Club celebrates

Ducks 4-4-19 SM Farm

More than 40 breeders and friends joined together in Ballymena Rugby Club to be welcomed to the prize giving evening by Chairman Joe Adams.

He thanked all exhibitors, sponsors, judges, stewards and the committee who work behind the scenes to ensure the shows run smoothly.

Joe made special mention of John Wightman in his first year as secretary as he has done an outstanding job.

Thanks also went to Neal Adams for sorting out all the points and trophies for the prize giving; Becky Adams for taking the photographs; Ginny McKee for the lovely arrangements which adorned all the tables; the ladies who provided sandwiches; and Club President Robert Getty who provided and cooked food for a lovely buffet finished off by his famous apple tarts and lemon meringue.

Once everyone had had their fill the prize giving commenced.

Cup winners for 2018–19:


CARLISLES – Brown red – M & J Blaney; Birchen grey – M & J Blaney; Lemon blue – M & J Blaney; Duckwing – M & J Blaney; AOC – M & J Blaney.

OXFORDS – Oxford ginger – J Witherspoon; Oxford points – K Fleck; Don Purdy – K Fleck; Paul Alexander – K Fleck.

OEG – Dark red – M & J Blaney; Brown red – Barr Brothers; Blue – Adams & McLaren; Creele – M & J Blaney; Pile – Adams & McLaren; Muff/tassel – Adams & McLaren; Blue Furnace – S Irwin; Light Red – Scott Irwin; AOC – Scott Irwin; Children’s Cup – Kenny Fleck Jnr.

WATERFOWL: Geese shield – Adams & McLaren; Heavy breed – Adams & McLaren; Light breed – Adams & McLaren; Miniature – Adams & McLaren; Points cup – Adams & McLaren.

Old Bird cup – Adams & McLaren; Young Bird cup – Adams & McLaren; Points cup – Adams & McLaren.

SOFT FEATHER Australorp Cup – Fullerton Family; Leghorn Cup – J Corken; Minorca Cup – J Corken; Polish Cup – G McCaul; Black/white Pekin – Adams & McLaren; Rose comb Cup – Adams & McLaren; Old Dutch Cup – Barr Brothers; Belgian Cup – Mervyn Mooney; Children’s Cup – Connor McCann; Points cup – Adams & McLaren; Large Wyandotte Cup – Adams & McLaren; 
Large Silkie cup – Adams & McLaren; Large Heavy cup – Adams & McLaren; Large Light cup– Adams & McLaren.

 John Lamont cup – Adams & McLaren; Young Bird OEG Cup – Adams & McLaren; Large Blue Grey – M&J Blaney; Best Brown Red – M&J Blaney; Champion Juvenile – Ellen Fullerton; Champion Modern – Adams & McLaren; Champion Carlisle – M&J Blaney; Champion Large OEG – J Blaney; Champion Eggs– Adams & McLaren; Champion Large Light Soft Feather – Adams & McLaren; Champion Large Soft Feather – Adams & McLaren; Champion Waterfowl – Adams & McLaren; Federation Soft Feather – Adams & McLaren; Federation Hard Feather – Adams & McLaren; Champion Heavy SF – Adams & McLaren; Champion Henny – K Fleck; Alan McKee Champion – Adams & McLaren; Supreme Show Champion – Adams & McLaren; Young Handlers – Grace Carahar (Junior) and Brooke Welshman (Senior).

The evening rounded off with Joe once again thanking everyone, especially Robert Getty. The tickets for the raffle were drawn and the evening was brought to a close.

Champion eggs exhibit at Gwynedd Championship Show

Well known egg exhibitor Oliver Flanagan, from Athlone, has devoted his spare time to the preparation and exhibiting of eggs at poultry events over the past six years.

He travelled to the Gwynedd Championship Poultry Show in Wales on Sunday, March 24, and had a marvellous time showing his egg exhibits and winning many prizes in the egg classes.

The pinnacle of his success was winning the Championship Egg Exhibit with three goose eggs from Embden geese. Well done Oliver on your dedication and success.


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