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BASF rodenticide awarded HACCP Certificate

LEADING pest control solutions company BASF has been awarded the esteemed HACCP certificate for its revolutionary rodenticide bait Selontra.

The accreditation means Selontra is certified for use in and around facilities that operate a HACCP based Food Safety Programme, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of settings.

Now classified as Food Zone Classification NFZ (non-food zone) item, the certification recognises the rodenticide as a vital product in contributing to food safety standards in facilities where food is handled.

To obtain the accreditation, BASF was required to submit a host of marketing materials, allergy statements, data sheets, and product information for each country.

Helen Ainsworth, BASF pest control specialist, said: “This accreditation allows pest control operators to effectively prevent, manage and control rodent infestations in various settings, as well as maintain a high standard of health and safety and prevent costly damage to facilities. Having a HACCP recognised rodenticide should become part of everyone’s toolbox in eradicating rodent infestations.”

An industry-leading rodenticide bait, Selontra offers a unique solution which takes control of infestations within as few as seven days, thanks to its high performance, highly palatable, and non-anticoagulant formulation.

Selontra is neither persistent in the environment or bio-accumulative while controlling resistant rodents and can also withstand extreme climates, providing pest controllers with an effective yet safe treatment.


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