Be ready with best ‘Response’ for your calves


PROVITA Animal Health has also developed the Response range for calves, used up to age 12 weeks, which includes Response paste 15g and 35g, Response capsules and Response powder. Response for calves provides high levels of energy and egg powder, natural EU sourced colostrum and beneficial bacteria. The energy sources are instant and slow release kick-starting the newborn’s metabolism and getting it up and sucking quickly.

The beneficial bacteria help to physically exclude harmful bacteria from attaching to the gut walls to help protect calves against the most common pathogens found on farm and improves digestion. The Response range has been enhanced with high levels of vitamins that are required in the new-born to help counter common deficiencies.

The range can be used at birth, for bought-in calves and during times of stress or high challenge, for example multiple or difficult calvings.

Some farmer feedback on Response paste:

“We use it for bought-in calves, we ensure that they all receive Response Paste as they tend to be slower to drink.”

“I swear by Provita Response Paste. We have tried other products but none proved as effective.

“We now use it to give our calves a boost after scours, in stressful times like weaning and as an insurance policy to ensure that our calf survival rate is as high as possible.”

“We require a product to counteract common deficiencies that can cause calf scour. We have learned the hard way by losing two valuable calves when we switched to a different paste and now we insist on Provita Response Paste.”


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