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Belmont House Hotel Poultry Fair

On Saturday (July 24) the Belmont House Hotel, Rathfriland Road, Banbridge, is the venue for what will be its first poultry fair.

The event will be held between 9am and 1pm, with sellers welcomed from 7.30am.

The fair is being held outside will have a great variety of poultry and domestic waterfowl on offer from a number of poultry keepers, some of whom keep quality exhibition stock.

This is a great opportunity to experience a poultry fair, see some of the vast number of breeds that are available here, and obtain new stock and avail of the refreshments that are available.

The organisers are hoping that this becomes a monthly event and, being located in Banbridge, close to the A1 carriageway, this venue will be accessible to so many poultry keepers and future poultry keepers.

If you are rearing standard bred poultry or laying birds this will be the place to go.

I wish the organisers the greatest success in this new venture and, as a poultry hobbyist, a local poultry fair is a very welcome addition to the hobby.

If you have any enquires in relation to the poultry fair please contact the Belmont House Hotel on 028 40 662517.

Why not go along and enjoy the sights and sounds of a poultry fair in the open air.

If you are considering obtaining stock at this event please bring suitable boxes for conveying your birds home in. I hope to see you all there.


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