Beltex In-Lamb Export Sale

SALE ONLY: Beltex ewes that featured in last year’s In-Lamb Export Show and Sale at Dungannon Farmers’ Mart. This year it’s sale only.

THE Irish Beltex Sheep Breeders’ Club is holding an In-Lamb Export Sale of 24 MV Accredited and Scrapie Monitored pedigree Beltex on Friday, December 4, at Dungannon Farmers’ Mart, commencing at noon.

Sold under the auspices of the Beltex Sheep Society and the Irish Beltex Sheep Breeders’ Club, the sale will comprise of 14 shearling ewes and 10 ewe lambs.

Arrival, inspection and scanning of all sheep will take place between 8am and 9.15am.

Society appointed inspector is Wade McCrabbe and Chief Stewart is Irish Beltex Sheep Breeders’ Club Secretary Kenny Preston.

All purchasers must register prior to the sale date with Dungannon Mart and the sale will also be available online. No children under the age of 16 will be able to attend the sale and Covid-19 guidelines are to be followed.


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