Best feed for the pre-lambing ewe

BANBRIDGE: Thomas Gilliland and Alice Herron from Fane Valley Stores in Banbridge.

AS we approach Spring, Fane Valley Stores is pleased to offer a range of nutritional sheep feed to help give the pregnant ewe the best possible start in March and April.

During the past 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, ewes need to be on a rising plane of nutrition to compensate for the rapid increase in lamb growth, significant reduction in dry matter intake (DMI) and to help to prevent against metabolic disorders, such as twin lamb disease.

Along with ensuring adequate energy intakes, it is vital that the ewes’ protein requirements are met in late pregnancy.

The Fane Valley Feeds’ Ewe Breeder is an energy dense feed with elevated levels of Hi Pro Soya to provide rumen bypass protein, which will help support colostrum production and milk yield throughout lactation.

The inclusion of Safmannan has multiple benefits as well as supporting the immune system of the ewe around lambing time. Safmannan has a positive effect on ease of lambing and improves colostrum quality, resulting in more vigorous lambs with improved lifetime performance.

High levels of Vitamin E and Selenium are included to support the ewes’ immune system, improve lamb vigour and reduce the incidence of white muscle disease. It has been shown that where ewes are supplemented with high vitamin E, lambs can be 1kg heavier at weaning.


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