Best Limousin pedigree herds are recognised

Best Stock Bull winners: Michael McKenna, Angela Callan of Bank of Ireland, Benedict Savage and Jim Quail.

THE results of the NI Limousin Cattle Club’s pedigree herd competition were announced recently at the club’s annual prize giving.

With the objective of the competition being to find, in the opinion of the recognised judge, the best pedigree Limousin herds and individual pedigree Limousin animals owned and managed by club members, the task of judging this year fell to Stephen and Denise Irvine, Anside Herd, Banff, Scotland. Stephen and Denise spent five days in August travelling around the Province visiting the 22 herds entered.

Best Small Herd winners: John McKeen, Angela Callan of Bank of Ireland, Paul Rainey and Philip Broome.

Plaques were presented to first, second and third in each category and sponsorship for the competition was provided by Bank of Ireland.

Extra Small Herd – 1st Alastair Armstrong. Leam Herd; 2nd Matthew O’Brien. Highview Herd; 3rd Gareth Wilson. Garvary Herd.

Small Herd – 1st John & Paul Rainey. Claragh Herd; 2nd John McKeen. Movenis Herd; 3rd Philip Broome. Edenrock Herd.

Medium Herd – 1st Sean & Shane McGeehan. Slieve Herd; 2nd Joanie Gilliland. Ballyrobin Herd; 3rd Michael & Kile Diamond. Pointhouse Herd.

Large Herd – 1st Larry Crilly. Shanhill Herd; 2nd Henry Savage & Sons. Trueman Herd; 3rd George McCague. Bridgeview Herd.

Best Newcomer Herd to the competition – 1st Matthew & Kathleen O’Brien. Highview Herd; 2nd James Morrow. Saintfield Herd; 3rd Gareth Wilson. Garvary Herd.

Best Cow with Calf at Foot – 1st Henry Savage & Sons. Trueman Madonna & Trueman Olympia; 2nd McKenna Bros. Goldies Isla & Archies Princess; 3rd John McKeen. Glenrock Harmony & Movenis Primrose.

Best Cow Family – 1st John & Paul Rainey. Haltcliffe Avon; 2nd Larry Crilly. Limo Vixen; 3rd Philip Broome. Lynderg Hilda.

Best Stock Bull – 1st Henry Savage & Sons. Telfers Munster; 2nd Jim Quail. Lynderg Hero; 3rd McKenna Bros. Claragh Obama.

Best Young Bull born in 2018 – 1st Brian & Cahir McAuley. Larkhill Oran; 2nd Sean & Shane McGeehan. Slieve Octavia; 3rd Henry Savage & Sons. Trueman Ozzy.

Best Home Bred Heifer born in 2018 – 1st Joan Gilliland. Ballyrobin Opium; 2nd John & Paul Rainey. Claragh Oracle; 3rd Philip Broome. Edenrock Oceania.

Best Young Bull born in 2019 – 1st John & Paul Rainey. Claragh Pablo; 2nd Chris Johnston. Johnstown Pedro; 3rd Sean & Shane McGeehan. Slieve Pedro.

Best Home Bred Heifer born in 2019 – 1st Chris Johnston. Johnstown Porsche; 2nd Brian & Cahir McAuley. Larkhill Pippa; 3rd George McCague. Bridgeview Poppy.

Best Group of calves born in 2019 – 1st G M McCague. Bridgeview Herd; 2nd Sean &Shane McGeehan. Slieve Herd; 3rd McKenna Bros. Archies Herd.

Best Newcomer to the competition winners: Gareth Wilson, Angela Callan of Bank of Ireland, Matthew O’Brien and James Morrow.

Best Group of calves born in year by a stock bull – 1st Jim Quail. Lynderg Herd; 2nd Joan Gilliland. Ballyrobin Herd; 3rd Stephen McGookin & Sons. Ballycairn Herd.


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