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Bid to help beef industry become net nature positive

The not-for-profit organisation Proforest has joined the likes of the WWF, National Wildlife Federation, and Earth Innovation Institute as part of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) in a bid to help the beef industry become a net positive contributor to nature by 2030.

Proforest works with people and organisations in more than 30 countries to produce and source agricultural and forest commodities responsibly.

It will partner with other GRSB members to help achieve the Roundtable’s three goals of becoming a net positive contributor to nature, climate neutrality and improving cattle quality of life.

GRSB brings producers, processors, retailers, and suppliers together with environmental organisations to help develop a more environmentally responsible, economically resilient, and socially beneficial global beef supply chain.

As part of its work with GRSB, Proforest will focus on protecting and restoring forests and natural ecosystems, maintaining and strengthening ecosystem services, conserving biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and building climate change resilience.

Proforest follows US-based Native which joined GRSB earlier in the year.

Native develops community-level carbon offset projects around the world, many of which are related to grassland carbon sequestration, biodigesters (to capture GHGs from manure for energy) tree planting and renewable energy on ranches and farms.

Ruaraidh Petre, Executive Director of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, said: “GRSB is unique in that it brings people and organisations together not only from right across the beef supply chain, but also from environmental organisations, academic establishments, and financial institutions – to champion best practice, exchange knowledge, and ensure a collaborative approach.

“With Proforest and Native joining WWF, Tyson, Zoetis, Rabobank, and many others, we are increasingly gaining momentum in our efforts to protect and nurture the earth’s natural resources, and to achieve our global goals.”



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