Biggest poultry show this season

RIGHT: Billy Moorcroft from County Armagh with his Champion Rare breed Lakenvelder bantam cockerel.

LAST Saturday was an early 5am start for boxing up our entries and then a group of us travelling from County Armagh to the Omagh Show.

On arrival we were well placed close to the poultry hall. The poultry section, with almost 700 entries, has increased that much that it has outgrown the original hall and is now spread across two adjoining marquees.

ABOVE: Joe and Neal Adams’ champion Heavy breed duck with a Magpie Muscovy.

There was a hive of activity in the hall with the hard working poultry secretary Ryan McLaren greeting us all. There was a vast array of birds across all the sections and we knew that to win any prize card would be an achievement in itself.

Even the goose section was large for this time of the year and it was wonderful to see massive true bantam classes especially in the Serama and Pekin classes, with multiple colours on display.

After placing all the birds in their respective cages it was off around the showgrounds for a well deserved breakfast and a bit of craic with our fellow exhibitors and to give judges Dean and Stuart Kay and Brian McAdams time to judge the very large classes.

Ryan and his team had worked tirelessly to set up a wonderful poultry show and with the help of their sponsors, NFU Mutual, Gortavoy Feeds, Mr J Ryan Poultry & Pets, Thompson’s Feeds, Mr & Mrs A Wylie and Wagging Tails Boarding Kennels & Cattery, they certainly achieved a superb poultry section with a great array of prizes.

Now to the top awards:

Show Champion, Champion Hardfeather & Best Old English Game Bantam – Furnace Old Englsh Game Cock from JBN Adams.

Reserve Show Champion, Champion Softfeather & Best Bantam Heavy º German Langshan Male from Mervyn Mooney.

Second Reserve Show Champion, Champion Waterfowl & Best Light Duck – Buff Orpington Duck from Jimmy Ryan.

Best Large Heavy – Buff Orpington Male from Andrew Kerr.

Best Large Light – Poland Male from P & C Sweeney.

Best Bantam Heavy – German Langshan Male from Mervyn Mooney.

Best Bantam Light – Silkie Male from Kiera McGarry.

Best Heavy Duck – Muscovy Drake from JBN Adams.

Best Light Duck – Buff Orpington Duck from Jimmy Ryan.

Best Call Duck – White Call Drake from M&R Neill.

Best Miniature Duck – Black East Indian Drake from John Neill.

Best Goose – Steinbacher from JBN Adams.

Best Carlisle – Carlisle Male from JBN Adams.

Best Oxford – Oxford Male from Michael Sherlock.

Best Any other variety Hardfeather – Large Modern Male owned and exhibited by Mervyn Elliott.

Best Old English Game Bantam – Furnace Cock from JBN Adams.

Best Modern Game– Blue Red Male from JBN Adams

Best True Bantam – D’anver Female from Mervyn Mooney.

Best Junior – Buff Orpington Female from Kerr Family.

Reserve Best Junior – Serama Male from Forbes Family.

Best Rare Breed – Lakenvelder Male from William Moorcroft.

Best Trio – White Call Trio from Jimmy Ryan.

Best Turkey – McKibbin Family.

Best Utility – Salmon Faverolles female from M&R Neill

Best Eggs – 3 White from Andrew Kerr.

LEFT: Alisha Forbes with her Reserve Best Junior exhibit Serama male.

At 4pm it was time to pack up, collect our prizes and head back home with great memories of a superb summer show thanks to the organizers, judges and exhibitors, with many of the top birds forever captured by the great photographic skills of Joshua Kittle.


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