Blaney makes feeding un’bale’ievably easy


WITH the silage season over, thoughts turn to housing livestock with some farmers already dreading the time it will take for the daily labour intensive feeding chores.

For feeding round bale silage Blaney Agri in County Antrim manufacture a range of Bale Unrollers and the Bale Shredder/Straw Chopper. All of these are designed to save time, manual labour, fodder and money for more profitable farming.

The Forager X10 bale unroller is the result of over 10 years’ intensive product development. Blaney has a long running history of making these machines, and with an ethos of innovation and continual improvement, this bale unroller has evolved over the years to incorporate a host of improvements and enhancements to exceed expectations.

The Forager X10L, a special loader/telehandler version of the bale unroller, means that high stacked bales are no longer a problem and silage can be fed along passageways, into feeders or used to unroll into mixer wagons to speed up processing times. For those with troughs or barriers to feed over, the X10W with extension sides is ideal for getting silage into these hard to reach feeding areas.

The Forager X10 bale feeder outperforms any other type of equipment on all bale types. For many farms a great aspect of the Forager X10 is that it is a one man and one tractor operation. Feeding a silage bale is as easy as 1-2-3, with the Forager X10 able to lift, load and feed out both sides – all from the comfort of your cab. It offers a fast and effective solution for feeding out round bales to reduce the need for manual forking, to get the job done quickly and easily for better thriving animals, less wastage and improved profits.

The Forager X10 is smartly engineered to be the most compact bale unroller, ideal for getting into tight spaces and narrow passageways. Its unique safety guards protect livestock from injury. The extra thick 50mm sprung tines are designed for road travel and developed to handle the heaviest bales.

Blaney’s drive components are capable of withstanding forces well in excess of 50,000 Newtons, and more powerful hydraulics give generous capabilities to work with the heaviest bales year after year. Innovative triple feedout spikes, unique bale chamber design, heavy duty conveyor bars and side rollers are developed to deal with the most difficult bales.

The Forager X10 Bale Feeder is now a well proven, life-changing piece of equipment and for many customers has become the most prized tool they own, being easy on the back and the pocket, saving hours of daily back breaking labour and reducing bale waste by around 20 per cent.

Blaney also offers the Bale Feeder X6. It has been developed to offer a solution for round bale feeding suited to more favourable bale conditions and where budget plays an important part in the buying decision. This machine offers a higher specification than other low cost machines, boasting a more powerful motor, 50,000 N chain with hardened rollers and stronger galvanised conveyor bars yet is competitively priced.

If you prefer to process your bales, the Blaney Agri Bale Shredder has been designed to save you time and money involved in feeding and bedding livestock, typically labour intensive jobs. The large diameter rotor serves for faster bale throughput to get each task done as quickly and efficiently as possible, shredding a bale in as little as 2½ minutes, making it the fastest round bale shredder available for silage. This has been achieved by maximising material flow within the drum and rotor, through extensive computer-aided simulation and on-farm testing.

This Bale Shredder serves as a multipurpose machine with models available for feeding and bedding, or both. Imagine how much easier each day would be this autumn/winter without the need for a lot of manual work involved in forking and pushing forward silage and rolling and shaking out straw bales.

The Blaney Agri machinery range has been developed to tackle some of the toughest conditions that Ireland can throw at it. This is proving very successful on the global stage as Ireland is famed for its ample rainfall and heavy grass crops and so Blaney Agri is ideally located to build and test the most high performance silage feeding machines. With innovation firmly planted in the DNA of this manufacturing firm, the relentless attitude of Blaney’s engineering and technical team results in continual improvement of designs and processes and the development and manufacture of the best machines.

Contact Blaney Agri to find your nearest dealer and find out how their innovative machinery, designed and made in Northern Ireland, can help you feed livestock quicker with a lot less effort compared to manual work, reducing wastage and increasing profitability.


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