Bleary Young Farmers celebrates success of club officers

n Zoe Maguire, club PRO.

FOLLOWING recent club assessment, Abby Morton (Treasurer), Sarah Spence (Secretary) and Zoe Maguire (PRO) were awarded first place in their official roles within County Armagh, which led to Bleary Young Farmers being crowned the best club in County Armagh for the 2019/20 year.

The three girls then went forward to compete in the club officials of the year awards at Ulster level for their hard work and dedication. Each of the girls kept meticulous records of all their work and their attention to detail was key in their respective roles.

n Sarah Spence, club secretary. :

Much of their work is carried out behind the scenes and is very time-consuming and we would like to recognise their hard work.

On Friday, April 24, the results were announced that both Abby Morton and Zoe Maguire were awarded third place in their official roles at Ulster level. These results are normally announced at the annual AGM and conference but instead this year, due to the current circumstances, they were published on Facebook. This is a huge achievement, well done girls – you have done Bleary proud!

n Abby Morton, club treasurer. :

We wish the girls continued success within their current positions or new roles in the forthcoming 2020/21 year.


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