BOCM entertain visitors from Tyrone

50 August 27 1968 BOCM SM Farm

A party of over 50 Tyrone farmers from the Trillick district visited Belfast and had the opportunity of viewing Ulster’s most modern mill in Europe, AFM Limited, York Road, Belfast, where BOCM animal foods are manufactured.

After lunch, as guests of BOCM, the visitors were taken on a conducted tour of the company’s experimental and demonstration farm at Templepatrick.

Mr W A Abercrombie, B.Agr, BOCM’s pig feed manager in N Ireland, spoke on the subject of “Breeding and feeding better pigs” and a new film showing details of the research and background work that goes into the production of a new pig ration was also shown.

The visit was organised in conjunction with Mr R Duncan, The Harp, Trillick, and Mr Barry Lorimer, UDD, BOCM’s advisory representative in the area.


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