Book fleeces in now urges Ulster Wool

LEFT: Depot Manager Stephen Preston grading some of this year’s clip at the Ulster Wool Depot.

THE Ulster Wool Depot is still in full swing grading tonnes of wool daily from farmers across Northern Ireland. As the winter months approach, Depot Managers Stephen Preston and Jayne Harkness-Bones are encouraging farmers to get their wool in as soon as possible to help maximise grade quality thus maximise return to the farmer.

“We appreciate that everyone has been extra-ordinarily busy this summer, and following a tough winter it’s been a hectic time for everyone. Now that the sheep sales are starting to come to an end, we are still exceptionally busy with farmers bringing in their wool, and still welcome anyone who still hasn’t had a chance to get theirs delivered yet,” said Jayne Harkness-Bones.

The sooner farmers can get their wool in the better – this reduces the risk of any damage and will maximise returns.

o To book in your wool or for more information on how to become a registered producer, call the depot on 028 9446 2131.


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