Boots introduces four new products

50 January 20 1970 Boots SM Farm

Nearly 100 County Armagh fruit growers attended a meeting given by Boots Farm Sales Ltd in Portadown last week when four new products were introduced.

Chairman was Mr Edwin McClelland, a well-known local grower, and the speakers were Mr T E Fletcher and Dr S B Wakerley of Boots Research Station at Lenton.

The four new products have been introduced by Boots for the control of the major pests and diseases in apples.

Mr Fletcher outlined the benefits of using the firm’s new scab-mildew compound Benlate (50 per cent w-w Benomyl) which offered for the first time a major new concept in the control of these diseases.

Mr Fletcher pointed out that Benlate, a wetable powder, should be applied once every 14 days. It had the advantage of being compatible with a wide range of chemicals and was safe in all varieties tested right up to harvest.

It could, he said, be used on under-cropped orchards. Benlate offered a major breakthrough in fungicide control because of its combined properties of spectrum and systemic action.

Other uses for Benlate still to be confirmed were rose mildew, strawberry botrytis, gooseberry mildew and a host of other fungi in many crops.

Mr Fletcher also introduced Morocide liquid which, he said, was a natural follow-up for the already well established powder formulation for the control of mildew and red


Dr Wakerley outlined the firm’s new insecticide, Fenitrothion. In independent work carried out by the NAAS, Fenitrothion was found to be superior to DDT.

He said such pests as winter moth, tortrix, sucker, apple grass aphid, blossom weevil and capsid were all controlled by Fenitrothion.

Dr Wakerley ended with a short talk on how the red spider was quick to build up a resistance to chemicals and the trouble the English growers were experiencing with the pest. Boots new acaricide, Dicarzol, was formulated to overcome the resistance, he said.

n A vote of thanks to the speakers was proposed by local growers Mr R Price and Mr T McClelland.


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