Bound for the Bahamas

50 June 17 1969 Bahamas SM Farm

Mr Ian G P Dingwall and his wife, Niene, of the Manor, Loughgall, leave for the Bahamas on Tuesday.

Mr Dingwall has been Director of the Horticultural Centre at Loughgall for the past 18 years, and has been largely responsible for its development.

His new post in the Bahamas will be to develop a fruit and vegetable industry and he will be spending at least six years on the sunshine islands.

On Friday at a dinner in the Ardmore Hotel, the centre’s industrial staff presented him with a silver tea service, and on the Tuesday previous, colleagues from the Ministry of Agriculture presented him with a set of Waterford glass at a dinner in the Drumsill House Hotel.

Today (Friday) the scientific and office staff will present him with a clock.

The Dingwalls came from Scotland and they are to spend a fortnight there before leaving for the Bahamas on July 2.


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