Breeder Focus: Light breed bantam keeper Jimmy Corken

How long have you been keeping poultry?

My Dad has been involved in the poultry scene since 1946. I have been involved since 1991.

What got you into poultry?

My Dad was were brought up with poultry.

Did you start to show right away?

Yes, I have always been involved with the exhibition side of the breeds.

Who got you into showing?

It was the social aspect that I enjoyed, getting out and about meeting people who were of a like mind.

How many breeds have you kept over the years?

We have concentrated on two breeds, Leghorns and Anconas.

What is your favourite breed and why?

That has to be the Leghorns. I have inherited my love of Leghorns from my Grandfather and Father.

What are the greatest challenges with this breed?

I see the preparation of a bird as much of a challenge as any other part of the process. The washing and show preparation must be done properly and can be very enjoyable and rewarding, especially if you end up with a prize card.

If you were starting out in poultry is there any advice that you could give someone?

My advice would be to pick two breeds and concentrate on them. Learn as much as possible from others keeping the breed, study the breed standards and take on board any advice you are given.

Finally is there anyone in the Poultry world that you admire?

I have a lot of admiration for the young people today who are starting out in the fancy. Those who are displaying the same dedication I have for this hobby.


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