Breeder in focus: JB Anak Mano

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JB, as we know him, now lives in Glenmaquin, Letterkenny, after moving from Thailand. He is a regular exhibitor at many shows. JB came to Ireland to live with his mother in 2015.

He missed his friends so needing company he got a “chick” as a pet, which then became his passion. His love for this hobby has been increasing ever since.

How long have you been keeping poultry?

I have been keeping poultry since I was seven years old while still living in Thailand. Since I moved to Ireland I have had them for the past three years.

What got you into poultry?

I have always loved all types of animals. I decided to buy some chickens for a hobby, but a few soon became a few hundred.

Did you start to show right away and who got you into showing?

No, I had chickens for a couple of years before a friend introduced me to a local show. Then at the start of 2018 I made the decision to enter some of my own birds.

How many breeds have you kept over the years?

I have kept three different breeds of birds.

What is your favourite breed and why?

My favourite has to be the Orpington because they are so big, beautiful, elegant, tame and friendly.

What are the greatest challenges with this breed?

The biggest challenge I face with the Orpington is to breed them. Due to the amount of feathers it becomes harder for the male to “get the job done”, also they need a lot of space and the right special feed to make them grow and reach their full capacity.

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement was winning three championship in Ireland. I have also won the biggest prize in Thailand, I won about €3,000 when I was only 15 years old with the offspring that came from my only chicken.

If you were starting out in poultry is there any advice that you could give someone?

For anyone starting out, my advice would be make sure that you really enjoy doing it, because it takes a lot of your time, money, love and care. You will need to be consistent, passionate and with time on your hands otherwise just don’t start it.

Finally, is there anyone in poultry world that you admire?

David Pownall and James Rigby are the people in the poultry world that I look up to and learn from the most.


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