Breeder profile: Fionn McLoughlin from County Leitrim

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I first met Fionn two months ago when I was sent a WhatsApp message looking for Sussex bantams. On the day he was to arrive he texted me to say that his dad was not able to bring him. Rightly or wrongly, I thought here we go again – another tyre kicker.

Fionn said that he was going to get the train to Portadown and could he meet me, which I agreed to do. I brought the birds into work in the car and at lunchtime headed to the train station and, true, to his word, Fionn arrived and off he went with two boxes of birds and his school bag back to Dromahair, via Dublin.

Then two weeks ago he texted again looking another trio and again arrived by train.

I totally admire Fionn’s reliability and determination to get quality birds as I regularly get phone calls and messages from people in Northern Ireland, some only 10 miles away, and when I say I live in Portadown the reply is ‘oh, too far away,’ and yet Fionn was prepared to travel a round trip of approximately 430 miles not once but twice.

Fionn would love some good Dark Brahmas and he is also interested in Sussex bantams or large chickscans. He can be contacted on 00353 8923 96811 if any readers can help him out.

I have also prepared a Breeder Profile on Fionn:

How long have you been keeping poultry?

I have being keeping poultry since I was nine years old.

How did you get started?

My parents bought me two hybrid hens and that got me into poultry.

When did you start showing?

I started showing my poultry at 16 years of age.

Who started you showing?

My parents got me into showing poultry.

What breeds do you keep?

I have kept 12 breeds over the years. My favourite breed is dark Brahma because they have beautiful feathers, they are very good broody hens and they are great show birds. The greatest challenges with the dark Brahma are size, fertility and going broody.

What is your best achievement?

My greatest achievement is in 2018 when my dark Brahma rooster won first prize in the heavy feather competition at the national ploughing championship.

What advice would you give to anyone starting up in poultry?

If I was starting out in poultry I would advise people to research the internet about what breed they want if it’s for eggs, meat, breeding or shows, and they would need everything ready before they buy poultry for their safety and health.

Who do you admire from poultry keeping?

I admire M & R Neill because the light Sussex bantams they sold me are top quality and I have never seen as good quality Sussex bantams in my life.


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