Brilliant day out for all at Charlene Wilson Memorial Show

Charlene Wilson Memorial Show BR Farm
PONY DRIVE: Tiernan Grimes and ‘Socks’ get ready for the Pony Drive during the annual Charlene Wilson Memorial Show. (FW35-514JA)

THE Annual Charlene Wilson Show took place on Sunday, August 18 and it was a brilliant day out for all the family. Thanks must firstly go to David, the main organiser of this event – it is thanks to his hard work over the years that has made this show so successful in remembering Charlene.

Thanks, must also go to all those who supported David in the run up, for sorting out the posters and entry sheets and organising volunteers; to the commentators, Laura Moore and Michelle O’Neill; Course Builder Seamus McCaffery; Entry Clerks and Gate Helpers. It is not possible to name everyone, but they know who they are – thanks again for their help, this ensured the show went off without a hitch.

ORGANISERS: David Wilson with his Late Daughter Charlene’s pony ‘Princess Mayo’ and helpers pictured during the Roll of Honour at the Charlene Wilson Memorial Show at Ecclesville Centre, Fintona. (FW35-513JA) PICTURES

It is great to see so many of the riders having progressed over the years and thank you to them for their continued support. Next year will mark the 20th Anniversary of Charlene’s death, please keep an eye out for next year’s details on the Facebook page.

With so many outstanding riders, the classes were highly competitive!

In the 148 Novice class, Anna McClean and ‘A Class Act’ travelled a long way to support the event and won the Smyth Memorial Cup.

The novelty classes were very competitive and even the rain didn’t put the competitors off giving it their best shot to win each of these highly sought after prizes.

There were also many more competitors who should be congratulated on their successful day at the show. Thanks to those who supported the Ferret Racing, it was great to see it well supported. The overall winner was ‘Spitfire’.

Thanks to Shirley Hawkes for her wonderful tribute to Charlene. Again, a huge thank you to all those who volunteered on the day. A huge thank you to everyone including all the great sponsors for their kind donations – it was greatly appreciated.

To keep up to date with the total and presentation, check out Facebook Charlene Wilson.


Sunday, August 18

Charlene Wilson Memorial Show

128 Novice – DC:

Eunan Kelly, Molly (winner of Ecclesville Cup); Caitlyn Kelly, Robin.

128 Open:

1) Caitlyn Kelly, Betty 32.71 secs (winner of the Late Nigel Allen Cup); 2) Eunan Kelly, Milly 32.85 secs; 3) Caitlyn Kelly, Robin 35.55 secs.

138 Novice:

Kym Moore, Rosie (winner of the Lyons Transport Cup).

138 Open:

1) Lucy McCann, Joules (winner of the Waterson Family Cup) 33.20 secs; 2) Molly Quinn, Rosie 37.29 secs; 3) Hannah Jones, Rocket 38.79 secs.

148 Novice:

1) Anna McClean, A Class Act (winner of the Smyth Memorial Cup).


Emily Marshall, Poppy; Kym Moore, Misty; Emma Forbes, Izzy; Amy McLaughlin, Rua; Eva Stubbs, Stonebrook Tosca; Emma Forbes, Holly.

148 Open:

1) Clara Daly and Lucky (winner of the Ivan Jobb Trophy) 33.30 secs; 2) Amy McLaughlin, Rua.

Newcomer Horse:

1) Eva Stubbs, Elsie (winner of the Benaughlin Stable Shield); 2) Julie Coulter, May.

Novice Horse:

1) Julie Coulter, May (winner of the Scissor Craft Shield); 2) Eva Stubbs, Elsie.

Intermediate Horse 90cm:

1) Saskia Hale, Pearl (winner of the RD Equestrian Shield); 2) Demi-Lee McKenna, What’s the Craic Jack.

Open Horse 1m:

1) Saskia Hale, Pearl (winner of the Wilson Family Shield).

Congratulations to all who took part in the Junior Show jumping Stakes – there are too many to name here, the winner of the Teddy Cup was Kathryn Walker and ‘Casper’.

Family Pony:

1) Ella Cashel, Candy; 2) Ellie Armstrong, Sooty; =3) Shane Muarry, Softie; Ella Rose Alexander, Wee George.

Cob Class:

1) Rachel McKernaghan, Lord Sambo; 2) Barbara Lunney, Toby.

Pet Show:

1) Emma, TJ; 2) Shauna, Higgens; 3) Emma, Spot.

Novelty Classes

Top Score: 1) Anna McClean, A Class Act 1475; 2) Eva Stubbs, Stonebrook Tosca 1010; 3) Emma Forbes, Molly 900.

Ride and Run:

COB CLASS: Judge RG McFarland presents the Cob Class Cup to Rachel McKernaghan on ‘Lord Sambo’. (FW35-512JA)

1) Jordan Mitchell with Hannah Jones and Rocket; 2) Anna McClean with Demi-Lee McKenna and A Class Act.


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